Users that have both 8k and 5k+

Which do you prefer normally? Best allrounder?
Best for DCS and othrr sims like xplane?


You should try to search the forum seriously thousands of message about this topic 8 k vs 5k+ example
And many for xplane and dcs

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This is not what he asked.

Best allrounder and dcs and xplane was discussed abounduntly in this forum in 8k vs 5k+ Thread and other threads, the questions his asking as been answer many many time here just saying if he don’t search the forum surly will loose pertinent info wrote by people that have the two headsets. Not so many people have the two headset and use both sim surely could look at those thread too…

Just gave a example…

Why should he? He’s just asking? Is there a limit on threads? Let him ask.

I am not interested in sims but i think his question makes sense anyway. Far more people have their HMDs now, not only youtubers and super early backers. PiTool has changed a lot. Even the later batches of HMDs seem to have differences to the earlier ones.
I would be interessted in a new comparison.


Most of the big boys prefer the 5k+ though 8k has its strong points.

@Cocacola I recommend you watch the sweviver, mrtv, voodooDE videos.

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Me suggesting to search in the forum prevent no one to answer this question no? Here found another related video

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I ve not seen the thousand posts of people owning both headsets.
There is a big difference between trying them for 10 min at a meetup and owning both.

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Finding something particular in this forum is not so easy.


Your right, but lately du to high traffic on shipping comment this kind of post get buried fast :frowning:

8K backers have one more chance to switch to 5K+ due to panels shortage.
So this topic is very appropriate.
We need some more thoughts from owners of both 5K+ and 8K.

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Yes, we do. Now that the “black spots” issue has been fixed, the 5K+ is more appealing. While I think I’d prefer the better blacks and colors of a 8K, the 5K+ has a number of advantages, is cheaper, and can ship immediately. I’m awfully tempted to switch (again). I’m getting mighty tired of waiting.


I still not get 8k, but if compare with odyssey+, I like 5k+.

diagonal pixel look strange, pixelized make the image worse.

clarity of image look better than soft image although it has less sde.


There is this thread by @mr.uu here:

@mr.uu, do you still prefer 8K?


There is this long thread about latency in 8K

I’m still going for 8K since its normal price is $899 where 5K+ normal price is $699.
In Kickstarter I paid $499.

So if I don’t like 8K I can sell it and buy 5K+ which would likely be in-stock for immediate delivery, and still end up in profit.

Also having tried 5K+, I found that I don’t like its SDE and black levels/colors. I think I should be able to ignore 8K SDE more than 5K+ and I think a bit less sharp image is OK if it keeps me immersed more.

There are some who have tried both and like 8K more, but majority seem to like 5K+.

I think the main points are

  • 5K+ has more clarity and possibly more effective resolution due to the better clarity.
  • 8K has less noticeable SDE (but some people prefer 5K+ SDE)
  • 8K has a bit better black levels.
  • 8K has warm colors, 5K+ has cool colors
  • 8K may have ‘latency’ problem.
  • 5K+ had black dot problem, but Pimax have fixed it
  • 8K is better for watching movies

The fact that 5K+ black dots have been fixed is a pretty big thing, and with immediate delivery, switching is very tempting.

If I was able to try 8K before, it would be a lot less hard to decide.

Now when I get 8K, I will probably get to compare it with bubbleball’s 5K+ at a meetup. Then I will get see if I chose right or wrong. It is a shame that I couldn’t compare before.


I was also tempted today to get the 5k+ for a short moment. But after that i can’t do anything else than to stick with my first preference after trying them. And a better selling price when selling it on when a better headset arrives in the future, is also good point, 200 usd


I heard reports that the “latency” issue was solved although no confirmation from @mixedrealityTV

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