User Improvement Plan - Crystal

Dear Pimaxians,

We are excited to announce that we are launching a beta test of our new product - The Crystal. We invite you to join us in testing this innovative technology and providing valuable feedback.

As part of the program, fifteen users will be chosen for participation and have access to exclusive features during their testing period. Registration closes on 13th January 2023 and we will announce names of participants by 15th January 2023. During your beta experience with the Crystal, both product management specialists and technical support staffs will be available for assistance should any issues or bugs arise during your use of it.

If you would like an opportunity to participate in this unique experience with us then please register by filling up this form before 13th January 2023. We look forward hearing from you soon!

Your Pimax Team



Thank you for joining our tester group! We are thrilled to have fifteen users who were chosen for this exclusive opportunity. Your participation is invaluable and we appreciate your willingness to contribute to the success of our project.

We understand that there may be some disappointment with not being able to expand the group further at this time, but rest assured that we will keep everyone in mind should a similar event arise in the future. In addition, if any of those who did not join us now would like more information on how they can get involved or provide feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out directly.

Once again, thank you all so much for joining us and helping make this project a reality! We look forward to continuing working together towards achieving great results and making an impactful difference within our community.

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Thank you,
Your Pimax Team.