Use Trackir for Headtracking. How to turn off gyroscope

I want to use Trackir for headtracking. For this solution i had to turn off the integrated gyroscope on my Pimax. The instruction says that the movie mode turn off the gyroscope, but i cant choose it in the Pimax program. Is there any solution? Thanks a lot for your answer.

Hi Andre3000, Sorry to tell you the integrated gyroscope on Pimax can’t be turned off in the program.

Double confirmed with our engineers, yes, we can turn off gyroscope by software disable.
we can provide a tools for you.

Would it be possible to add this as a function in PiPlay rather than as a separate tool?

Please add support to Freetrack on the server for steamvr. The same protocol that use Riftcat/Vridge for use with steamvr.

I support this thread.
I’ve been asking the question "can you change the ‘look speed’ for the Pimax head tracking? But have not got a proper answer.
This is a hurdle to me buying the Pimax 4k VR. At least if the Pimax head tracking could easily be disabled, I could use my Edtracker Pro with the different look acceleration profiles I’ve already created.

yes, we can integrate this funtion in PiPlay.


Thank you. That would be great.

Now Piplay latest version is 1.1.89(Beta) which could support this function, please noted.

@LittleK Is a new Firmware version also required? Where do we download them?

You’d better both update Piplay & Firmware at the same time.
Normally we suggest users to update by Piplay itself, although it’s downloading slowly.
And I’m also uploading various released and beta versions to MEGA now, and link would be shared for guys later.

@LittleK Yes. Downloading via PiPlay is very slow and often does not work at all. Please share the links as soon as possible. Thank you.

@LittleK When will you share the links to the various released and beta versions?

And how i can use trackir?
What i should to do?

Can anyone give an update on this? I wish to use TrackIR (and not use gyros) for headtracking in DCS world and other sims with the Pimax because I have a motion simulator and my head tracking must be relative to the cockpit and not to the rest of the world.

This way when I slam on the brakes in a race car for example and the motion sim pitches down to simulate deceleration my view does not tilt downward, etc. etc.

Any info appreciated, and I’m sure the rest of the motion sim guys would be very happy to hear of a good head tracking solution for our simulators with Pimax 4k!

@PIMAX-Support. Does the latest Beta driver (1.2.91) support IR tracking protocols (opentrack\FreeTrack) as yet or is it still work in progress?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi friend, I have not received new progress about this issue, but I will follow it for you.

@PIMAX-Support I’d really like an update on this one as well.

I’ve more or less come to terms with my B102 model that I got. The only thing that causes me grief at this point is the tracking drift that I constantly get. It’s bad enough that I haven’t really used it since I actually purchased it. The need to remove the headset every few minutes to re-calibrate and recenter is a big problem.

As I understand it, having an external tracking setup can help a lot with this, and It would be great if I can use my TrackIR system in order to help compensate for that drift without having to go out and buy additional equipment.

Hi, have you tried Piplay 1.2.93_Beta that added the function of “Magnetism calibration”?

Link at:

I’d seen it mentioned, but had not been able to find the link.

Thanks for that. I’ll test it out and let you know.

I would still like to add my +1 to TrackIR for positional tracking though.