Usability and Minor Glitches

Virtual Desktop…

This is a big deal. Just being able to count on being able to access my desktop without a physical display attached, or from a far away flight sim chair, etc. Thanks again.

That said…

  • Too low. Big 4k monitors are easier to read if moved up about 6 inches. Also, a hand tracking toggle off to the side would be helpful when using a keyboard/mouse.
  • Insufficient angle. Side screens stretch too far in the distance, need to be rotated more.
  • Side monitors too wide. Making 1080p side screens equal width to a 4k screen causes the edges to be so far away as to be difficult to read.
  • Apparent lack of high supersampling. Text is rather pixelated.

Framerate is completely usable. If I was somehow taxing the GPU enough to slow it down, it would be a dedicated use case that VorpX or VirtualDesktop would be adequate for.


Distortions and misplaced textures occasionally flash for one frame. Looks a lot like GPU corruption of some kind, but is not. In one case, momentarily changing GPU clock settings seemed to have interrupted things long enough to stop this, sort of like SteamVR tracking sometimes improves after briefly adjusting Virtual Desktop supersampling.

Lack of supersampling generally is a bit visually annoying. Everything looks rather unnecessarily pixelated, even with PiTool Render Quality 1.25 .

Disabled Hand Tracking may Stay Disabled

If hand tracking has been disabled by stopping ‘LeapService’ , and PimaxExperience is started under these conditions, then Hand Tracking will be disabled in Pimax Experience, remain disabled after starting ‘LeapService’ , and remain disabled even if Pimax Experience is restarted with ‘Leap Service’ enabled .

This impedes the ability to use a machine ‘headless’ by Voice Command and Hand Tracking - no keyboard, mouse, display - without actual Index/Wand hand controllers .

Autostart Batch script now ensures hand tracking is enabled before Pimax Experience is started automatically.

Default Menu

Would be nice to set the default page to start with. Most of the time I am going to want to go to ‘Virtual Desktop’ or ‘Favorites’.


Favorite profiles, not just favorite applications, would be useful. Because I use at least two profiles per application - full visual quality and fast - and sometimes another profile for the 5k+ .

For my workflows, I may prefer to just set a profile manually.

Autostart Batch

Might be a bit more convenient for folks if they could configure a batch file to run before PimaxExperience, and run as administrator. Ideally should run before, to ensure things like VoiceAttack are started, USB default audio devices are set, etc.

Admittedly though, this is a tall order, and might not be feasible to make much more convenient than this.


Underlying technology…
I have been working on some stuff lately that is relevant to solving some obvious issues and future features in Pimax Experience.


Pardon me if any of this stuff has been reported before. I already know there are obvious reasons for some of these things to be the way they are of course.

Version tested was ‘PVRHome-Installer_x86_64_v0.84.0.0’ with ‘PiToolSetup_1.0.2.087_v2’ . PiTool performance so far has remained typical of PiTool ‘’, though an attempt to make precise benchmarks failed due to SteamVR update shenanigans .