Upgraded to latest Pitool now left index controller doesn't track

I updated my 5K plus to the newest pitool and firmware now my left index controller doesn’t track. So I tried all pitools with corresponding firmware and it still doesn’t track in pitool. But when I plug the controller into the computer I have no problem, it tracks fine. Also if I change to my left vive controller it tracks fine. I need help please. I also went through Valve and did all there steps and they think it’s a software issue @Alex.liu


@PimaxQuorra, please ask someone to look into this. It’s been over a week, with no replies.


Yes, we spoke with the team, they will take a look at this issue and help our user to resolve this problem.


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Hello Phillybump,

To resolve this problem, could you file a ticket on our support page?
Support portal - Support : Pimax Support
Our colleague will help you to diagnose this problem and resolve for you.


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