Upgrade controllers

hi, its possible to upgrade controllers to the valve ones? i try to find the link but cant find it.


can i have a answer? @PimaxUSA

Not at this time. We might open it up again at a later date.


its because i wanted to receive the bases but without controllers the bases are useless… and for what im seing the controllers of pimax will appear only next year and we dont know when… can pimax open the upgrade again?

It’s not possible, sorry. You can refund the controllers and order index controllers directly from Valve or wait until our controllers are ready.

PS: I see a huge amount of internal traffic every day on the controller development so a lot of our engineers are indeed back on that project. Already more people in that project than at any time before. It was already in prototype stage before we focused on completing the SMAS, X, Eye and Hand tracking.