Update the Valve Lighthouses Firmware

If You own a Pimax 5K(*) or an 8K(X) and use Valve Lighthouse V2 and do not have a current Valve Index headset, I wonder how to update or downgrade the lighthouses.
There are some hints in some threads but I did not see any real solution so far
If you own an HTC Vive, You are able to update LH1, but not LH2 (Only Vive Pro allows, see Vive Homepage)
As others already stated, Steam ignores the update requirement, and Pimax does neither provide a solution
I wonder how to update LH2, if Steam system report tells You to update from 3002 to 3008
2021-01-31 18_13_10-System Report

** - But SteamVR client tricks You and fakes a green light?**
(“Aktuell” means “current version”, it´s a German client system)

I would like to update and perhaps try to get rid of the “jitterbug” or if just reduced and stabilized tracking, I would appreciate.
It seems, there is a way to update manually, but it seems, risky, too, as some failed and bricked their LH2.
If You look at Steam discussions, there is no solution at all.
Which is the current firmware and where to download it and how to flash it manually?
I am not eager to brick my Lighthouses.


I’ve updated mine to the newest firmware (mine are Valve branded LH2.0), and it made no difference at all to the “jitterbug” most of us have with the 8KX unfortunately, and did not make the tracking better.

There is no official way to update the LH2.0’s without an Index or Vive Pro HMD.

My 5K+ tracks miles better with the same setup, than my 8KX.

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agreed, 5K+ has better tracking then 8KX. Very disappointing or a somewhat expensive headset.
But, there is Steam as well, that seems to mess it up, too, other HUDs are affected in a similar way.
Anyway, these are two different issues

  • Pimax need to fix the jitter and if, clarify the stuff with Valve.
  • we require an update path for the Lighthouses either form Valve or from Pimax, which I prefer.
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