Update on stretch goals

Hi Pimax crew,

We have not had an update as to the status of the Stretch Goals for some time. Just wondering when we can expect some of the basic accessories like the new head strap, longer cables or face cushion etc.

Thank you.


I am also curious, just to know when I can start really utilizing this thing.

If I had to guess I would say 3-4 months

I get the impression that they will put off shipping the Stretch Goals until ALL the Stretch Goals are ready and ship them all at once to save shipping costs.

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Yep it looks like this… Saves money…


Tired of Pimax ,and their mumbo jumbo PR talk about “syncing” the release of base stations and controllers which means we won’t get them for another 4 months at least…Valve, take my money. Yea I’m Canadian hear me roar.



They read the comments and never answer. It’s time to mobilize your brains and honesty pimax, launch your product seriously and stop the false hopes and frustrations.


If they are Penn & Teller then maybe yes.

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