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has anyone been able to update the firmware of basestation 2.0 without a cable? because im a few firmware updates behind and its not an option i can do in either Pitool or in steamvr because well, dont exactly have a linkbox for a pimax, and even though i have bluetooth it will not be enabled in steamvr. it would be nice if you could update it through PiTool. if yall have any ideas on how i can update them let me know!

No, not even people with Vives have been able to I dont think.

Only way is with an official Vive Linkbox.
SO if you know someone who owns one, best to ask them to upgrade the firmware for you.

The most reliable way is actually an Index, because it’s Bluetooth LE transceiver is a lot better than Vive Pro (2)s Linkbox BLE

From my understanding Valve removed the option to update v2 LHes via cable.

Once when I had a Ticket on Steam, they asked me to update everything on my PC first, including one of my BS 1.0. The BS update was not successful at first, and then they said I shouldn´t update it via usb cable anyway, as BS usb update is very unreliable.
I am not expert, but BS 2.0 can not be much different to my BS 1.0 :wink:

Oh no they just discourage people from doing it. If you put the base station into firmware access mode it still shows up as a 128kb FAT32 disk with the famous DISABLED name.

Edit: they also still give you the firmware file in the SteamVR Beta folder


Yeah USB is kind of weird, thats why I said use an Index of a friend, the Indexs BLE is the most stable HMD BLE there is rn, alternatively a Vive Pro or Pro 2 Linkbox BLE will work too, just not the OG Vive Linkbox BLE, that can only connect to the transceiver of BS1.0s.

Valve has said multiple times that there is no reason to update the LH firmware for Pimax headsets. The changes don’t affect us.


@PimaxUSA, But those of us who don’t have Firmware 3008 don’t have the option of “standby” mode instead of the traditional “sleep” mode. I think the “standby” mode is very practical, you can turn off or turn on the base stations very quickly and you don’t stop the motors, you only activate the laser. Since there are two potential causes of failure, the starting and stopping of the engine, and the laser if we have it on indefinitely. With the “standby” mode we can leave the engine running indefinitely and only turn on the laser when we want to use the tracking.

On the other hand, I don’t know why SteamVR forces you to use only their Bluetooth LE devices included in their products and not any other generic Bluetooth LE.
I have given a lot of thought to the possibility of updating the firmware of my Valve LH2.0 and it is IMPOSSIBLE without some of this:

  • HMD Vive Pro + link box Pro
    And beware, having only the linkBox Pro will not work either, if it does not detect the HMD vive Pro, SteamVR refuses to say that Bluetooth is available.

@Chumet this doesnt help with the sleep vs standy thing but “Lighthouse PM” app on android allows you to sleep/power on the base stations. (Most of the time)

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Which is odd as they used to discourage ppl from updating the Steamcontroller wirelessly as it was Said wireless updating was risky.

To me it is strange for them to encourage wireless updating vs direct connect.

A user here iirc tried updating via usb on LH v2.0; i think valve helped him recover a bad flash and told him they only recommend the ble updating. Myself I generally prefer a direct connection vs a wireless firmware update.


Yeah he is very adamant that pimax users shouldn’t be able to update LH v2.0 as most firmware updates have not been for pimax. However as we know Valve did update v1.0 LHes for Beatsaber players.

So yes at some point a firmware update will be not specific for Valve and Vive. But the LHes themselves.

Majority of companies do not try to discourage firmware updating & since pimax has not fixed Tracking it is not known if any of these firmware updates may help or not; but would be good to be able to test them.

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I have it installed in the mobile and I use it a lot to turn the base stations on and off, one of them I have with the 3008 firmware and the “standby” mode is great. The other base station with firmware 3002 only supports “sleep” mode but it works fine for me. Even though I don’t like to turn them off and on every day.

And from the PC I have this utility installed and it also works very well: https://github.com/nouser2013/lighthouse-v2-manager/releases
For all this, I think that it IS necessary to be able to update my LH2.0 to the latest firmware without the need for other Valve peripherals. @PimaxUSA Since Pimax sells them as part of their products, they should offer them with full functionality. Now they only track tracking, but there is no control over power management.

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It’s only the opinion directly from Valve that I am relaying that the LH’s don’t need to be updated and it is not necessary for performance of Pimax headsets. They have reiterated it multiple times and even suggested I mention it.

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It’s not mainly for my headset, but rather for my htc vive trackers, also I’d love to be able to have sleep mode on them which I don’t have currently due to missing more than a year of updates

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