Update 20th January 2022

Pimax Update

January 20th, 2022

Sword Controller Shipment News
2 batches were shipped but had to be halted over an issue with battery certification. We sincerely apologize about this lack of understanding related to some of the laws governing shipment of the controllers with the batteries included. Our teams are going through an additional process that should allow the shipments to resume in about a week. The Sword Controllers are indeed in stock and in significant quantities. We will advise here again once the shipments are allowed to resume.

:bangbang:Live update :bangbang: 20th January, 1900 UTC +8 : The certification issue has been resolved, shipments are scheduled to be resume on Friday, 21th Janaury.

OpenMR Store
There was a partial suspension with regards to the store. This was caused by inventory levels waiting for restocking materials. In particular a third-party supplier is having a significant supply shortage issue so the store will remain closed until their supply situation is resolved. Once we have a timetable provided we will advise here.

8KX auto-firmware update causing issues after Pitool Beta Update
If you are encountering issues with an 8KX stuck in DFU mode and you are unable to flash there is a solution detailed here: https://community.openmr.ai/t/fixing-the-flashing-or-a-bricked-8kx/37876

Technically it is not possible to actually “brick” a Pimax headset as the startup portion of the Pimax firmware is in protected rom and cannot be overwritten. So new versions of the writable firmware can always be flashed. If the solution shown doesn’t work for you or you need our help please create a service ticket and we are happy to assist. This issue should be resolved with the next Pitool release.

Tundra Tracker Issue
Some members of our community have reported an issue with the Tundra Trackers. Our Pitool team is investigating this and performing tests. Once we have completed the tests and collected the logs we will advise about the results and solution.


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