Update 11th June 2021


June 11th, 2021

Big Updates This Week!

Sword Controller Volume Production Testing

We have moved into the trial production testing phase for the Pimax Sword controllers and are now producing the devices from our full production line. This is typically the last step prior to the official release, so please expect more information about the release of Sword controllers very soon.
We cannot wait to reveal the features and specifications of the Sword controller in the upcoming special press release.

DMAS Testing Program Progress

A few weeks ago, testers were selected from our OPENMR forums to test the new DMAS. Since that time all of the testers have received their prototypes and have been testing for about a week till now. Overall testing has gone well and the tester group has suggested some improvements that should not be difficult to implement.

Special Note: The testers only tested the hardware itself and not the special driver we are planning to release.

Pitool Version 271 Released

We have released a new version of Pitool, which is Version 271. This version added a number of bug fixes and improvements for the 5K Super and the 8KX. This version also includes a more robust version of our flashing tool DFU.

New 8KX firmware testing

In addition to the new Pitool release, we have released a test version of our 8KX firmware to an OpenMR testing group for evaluation. 1 of the 8 testers was unable to successfully operate the firmware and we are investigating into that.

This firmware includes a number of significant improvements which include the ability to use the 8KX at 90Hz with the latest Nvidia driver. It also increased rotational clarity among a number of other technical improvements.

Special Note: We received feedback from our OpenMR users, that AMD 6800 and 6900 can also support 90Hz on the 8KX in most cases. Users of the Nvidia 2080TI have also reported full compatibility.

We expect to have this version debugged and released in the very near future.

Calling for Editors for Pimax Experience Cloud Profiles.

If you are interested to be a volunteer in this project, please kindly proceed to this link.


Leave your experience and related information, or you can send a direct message to Armin / Sweviver.

Eye Tracking Update

A new poll will be launched to ask users who have the Eye Tracking module about their level of success. If you have an Eye Tracking module please let us know your experience with it in the poll so we can further improve it.

Please proceed to this link for the poll!
In addition, we have an upcoming special announcement for Eye Tracking module owners that may benefit quite a few. Stay tuned for this.

Pimax is now officially on @Newegg!

Newegg has been rated as one of the best online shopping platforms, especially with its industry-leading customer service and support, which is in line with Pimax’s “user-centered” core value.
Currently, Newegg offers a payment option of 12 monthly installments. Pimax customers in the US can check it out here:
PimaxVR Store on Newegg

Your Pimax Team