Until You Fall and incompatibility with Pimax 5k+

Its about this game here: Save 36% on Until You Fall on Steam

I post the text I wrote in the developers discord and the anwer I got from one of the users there.

"Just got UYF and I also have the problem with the black screen (using Pimax 5k+). First launch it seems everything works, got the warning regarding surrounding, standing/seated, Saveslot and after that…darkness. Music was still playing. So I closed the game, startet und back in the void but this time it shows the controllers. I looked around but no standing or seating selection. Tried fullscreen with alt+enter but no luck.

Just to discribe my experience. Its odd that it sometimes shows the menü and save selection area, other times just black, as if something won’t load? dont know"

And here the answer:
" Pimax has their own compositor and it does funky thinks for openvr “compatibility”

They might need to be the ones who fix the UYF issues, compatibility issues from their custom stuff is not uncommon"

If it is really the compositor, how likely will this be fixed on Pimax side?

Can the game be played seated with controller?

Once power restored can look into it.

EDiT I see needs motion controllers

Heya. I made a post about this a bit back and the Pimax devs said they would look into it. Here is the link

Although if anyone is good at trouble shooting and can find a fix sooner that would be awesome too :slight_smile:

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Yeah some workaround would be appriciated :slight_smile: If there is one anyway.

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