Unity Dev - Game View aka Play Mode bug

Hello all,

I’ve been deving with Pimax on Unity for over a year now, and something’s always bothered me that I"d like to find a solution to. Whenever I’m in play mode, the Game/Play view cuts off (or maybe a better way to put it is the aspect ratio goes square, which leaves a gap) about 1/3rd of the screen (THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IN-HEADSET). This only happens with Pimax headsets.

I’m wondering if any other dev (or anyone at Pimax) has encountered this, and more importantly, whether there is a fix for it.


@SweViver might know :slight_smile:

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Hi! I have developed for Pimax on my current game and even two more WIP games. I can say I have not encountered this bug. Just a quick question, what version of Unity are you using?


2020.3.22 currently, though it’s followed me on this project since v 2019. Sometimes it doesn’t happen randomly, and other times the aspect ratio seems different. Changing the aspect ratio in the Game tab doesn’t improve it (though it does indeed change the ratio within the visible portion). Keep in mind, it only happens when actually playing, otherwise game window looks fine.