Unfortunately I can no longer play these three games with Pimax :(


Unfortunately I can no longer play these three games with Pimax:


  • Zenith: The Last City (Does not launch in VR only in desktop)
  • From Other Suns (Start in VR but aborts)
  • POPULATION: ONE (Start in VR but aborts)

I tested it with:


OpenXR= SteamVR and Oculus
With the software from Pimax and with Revive. You can’t do both!

My system:

  • Pimax 8kx
  • Intel I9 13900K
  • RTX 4090
  • Corser 32GB 6200mhz Ram
  • Mainboard Asus Z690
  • Asus 1200W P2 power supply

windows 11

With other VR glasses (Index or Quest 2) it works. The problem is NEW and is due to Pimax?

Was there an update for the games? Can someone confirm the problem?

Other Oculus games work.
Only these three no longer play.

What a pity!

I was wrong!

These Oculus games only work with the Quest and only with cable or Airlink!!

pimax Experience and Revive need an update!!!

The only one i have is FOS. I had to re-install to Home to check but it still works for me. i launched from Pitool 261.
I had Oculus version of In Death stopped working (wouldn’t launch from PT) for months and then suddenly now works. No changes to PT during that time.

Anyone switched to the new Meta launcher yet and do the oculus games launch?

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