Understanding the prototyping system

There are two prototyping systems: closed and open.

The closed prototyping system have NDA for testers and nobody can talk. This means no videos, no photos, no reviews, no comments, etc. This is because the prototype is plenty of defects, and the work of testers is do feedback to solve this defects in order to develop a new prototype. And the process repeat again and again, until the prototype is enough good (with today technology) to create the final versión. Maybe they need 10 prototypes, but nobody can talk in all process.

In this moment, and only in this moment, with the final product, is the time to show all videos, reviews, photos, marketing, etc. Before, in prototyping phase, will be a disaster, because there are too much defects, and product and company could gain a bad reputation. This is how some big companies work, like Apple.

In other way, the open prototyping system have no NDA for testers and all people can talk. This means videos, photos, reviews, comments, etc. The testers share the prototype with friends and community to test the prototype wich is plenty of defects, and they work together to provide feedback to solve this defects in order to develop a new prototype. And the process repeat again and again, until the prototype is enough good (with today technology) to create the final versión.

This open prototyping system need to be explained in order the product and company gain good reputation because their open system of development with the community. The testers need to explain clearly and continually that the prototype is not the final product, and more and better prototypes are coming, until the final product. And they need to ask for help from the people, to test, share ideas, contribute, and solve defects in next prototype. This is how the open source works and some big companies grow, like Google.

I prefer the open prototyping system and I think the testers (youtubers or not) think the same. And I think this is the best opportunity for Pimax to grow and we could have the best virtual reality device made today.

Pimax need to select a close or open prototyping system. Not a mix that create confusion everywhere.

@deletedpimaxrep1, and everybody, what do you think about it?

Best regards from Barcelona, Spain.


i think we can leave her in peace, and honestly i think after two long drawn out locked topics i think all that can be said on this has been. The two seem to be going silent for rest of testing period. Unless they start dropping hints again im leaving it there.


I only prefer talking about prototyping system for the future to get the best VR device ever.

There are no room here for bad understandings and past problems.

I would like to know your opinion about close and open prototyping system.


As an avid Linux User. In this regard Opensource often uses a blend of both(or at least many gnu_linux projects do). Closed Beta is often used prior to moving to an Open Beta which leads to in many distros Release Candidate 1 & 2 prior to Official release. Imho it should have been clear that closed meant quiet until results were ready for release.

However I do firmly believe @destraudo has the best idea at present. Let’s step back for the time being & let Xunshu & the team review recent events in peace.

But on the otherside of things your topic can help folks understand prototyping concepts. As when things are out of one’s experience. One may imagine how one thinks it is done & be completely off the laden path.


@Heliosurge Maybe move this topic to general discussion? If it isn’t related to 8k, but ‘just prototype testing’ it doesn’t belong here.


Good idea. Prototyping concepts & philosphy can be very useful & engaging topic. Topic moved as suggested.

Especially since we have folks from various backgrounds & regions around the :earth_americas:.

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Waiting CES 2019 !!
I already said back in 2017
We will be lucky enough to have it ready, not before mid 2018
And yet here we are…
Not saying the testers story is a bad idea, its paying it self !!!
Now i wish them all success with 8K
But we still have along way to go…and we have to be patient to get it right or they get it right


I think something can opened such as unboxing ,but something should be closed.
I see that people always have much panic when they know little issues, so some issues should give pimax to know and fix before. When tester can tell all feedback and pimax solve all issues already, people can be happy and not concern too much.

I am developer and know that some issues are not problem, they only want time to solve, but some people can’t wait for a long time and they will be angry if they know that the headset still have some old issues. Not all people can be optimistic.

Last 2 days, I show the image in facebook group, some hater complain the cushion look cheap although it is not the main point which we have to focus right now.

I recommend that pimax should have check list

  • stretching
  • ipd adjustment
  • mura
  • artifact
  • latency

If pimax found that some choice is cleared, then report only those success.

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