Unboxing The YAW VR Motion Simulator Live Replay

I can’t wait to get this hooked up with my 8KX tonight… This is gonna rock! []-)


What about that variable electric fan that YawVR was showing with the device at CES? That made a massive difference in immersion.


It requires a smart plug… I have an old one around somewhere I just need to see if it is compatible. But yes… that is going to be a cool immersion enhancer for sure! []-)


Would like to see you implement that. Good video, will be checking out your review. I have thought about the yaw, so can’t wait to see what you think. Hope your honest if you see some drawbacks. Truly will consider if it looks overall positive. Thanks and keep us posted.:+1:


I almost got one of these, but I read somewhere it can’t handle heavy pedals, and the Fanatec cspv3 weigh a tonne :frowning:

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