Unboxing new unit question?

Last Monday I received my 5K+ headset order from Hong Kong and it was defect with a tearing image horizontally onto the left display lense + I had the snow dots flickering. It is already back on the road back to pimax USA office.

After reading another post from a guys who said he had a scratch on the lense, I remembered the long sweviver video review showing the unboxing and if I’m not wrong there was a sticker onto the lense to protect them just like my oculus rift s has.

The pimax unit that I got from them this week was a bit dusty and didnt had the sticker protection onto the lense.

My question is simple : Does every new unit arrive with those sticker protection or if it is inconsistent from one box to another?

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I had no stickers as far as I remember

its very discouraging that here we are months after launch and pimax are still failing on such basic quality checks.


I do not remember there being protection on the lenses when I got mine.

I think the stickers were removed with later batches actually, but let me double check this with the team!

In Tnuhnivad’s post reporting the scratch on the lense no later then this week. He mention that he had to remove a protective film onto the lense before to realize he had a scratch.

It seem inconsistent from one to another like the overall headset condition if it will be in good working order or not when it arrive.

Sweviver may get an answer to this.

No stickers on mine. But mine were first batches.

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I saw a post that was about 12 days ago and the guys had a ticket number 16 0XX something and mine is 16 687 1-2 weeks later.

I wonder how can they be able to handle 500+ cases in less then 2 weeks.

Also when I had to return an oculus rift remote control under warranty, Oculus sended to me via email, a UPS print shipping label and everything was prepaid N ready to ship at a drop off service point or to schedule a pickup at home.

With Pimax, I had to pay on my own another 60$ and I now have to run after them to be reimburse by paypal even if all my evidence and receipt pictures has been send to them as a proof.

As a mark of respect for all the hassle that we got, they should reimburse their customer fastly at least in 24 to 48 hours and not after 1-2 weeks.

Right now I feel like somebody that has a thousand dollars less in his pocket to create myself stress and time consuming.

One day if I get what I paid for I will surely think different but all that to say it is a strange buying experience.

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Yes there still working on fixing things. They should have guided you to the NA Office. I would maybe try calling or emailing the NA office as they maybe can help get your situation resolved.

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no stickers on mine and I was near the last batch

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I have been very well taken at first glance I must admit.
I placed my order on June 21th.
Got my unit Monday July 8th.
I contacted the service support the same day and provided picture and videos of the problems needed to them.
Tuesday July 9th I already had the confirmation that my unit needed to be replaced. Not a good news but at least they get straight to the point.
Wednesday July 10th at noon, my faulty unit was already shipped back to them.
Wednesday July 10th afternoon they had all the evidence needed already on their side to reimburse myself the returning shipping fees and everything was looking perfect and under control.

But 48 hours later, I get no more email response from them, no reimbursement has been done yet and got no confirmation that a replacement headset is fullfilled.

I have the impression that if I do not follow my case closely and put pressure on them this situation could stay in neutral for 1-3 weeks easily.

In french there is an expression telling that the feets must follow the mouth otherwise this is an over promess under delivery situation.



Until now the majority of people’s answer seem to confirm that the protective film on the lenses are no more present.

Thanks for your answer respectively.

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