Unable to install PiPlay

Is it possible to bypass graphics driver version check? PiPlay installation gives only options to Update drivers or Cancel. My Radeon drivers are 3 months old and it is not possible for me to update them.

hello,you should have to update your graphic driver first.

If i can ask what is your radeon gpu? Just curious why you can’t update. Is it a 6000 series gpu?

GPU is RX580 and i can’t update because I’m using the latest Blockchain driver which gives higher hashrate when mining etehreum.

Okay that makes sense. Might need to see if they can oatch the next release though weird they have it forcing wanting gpu driver updated. Unless there are needed elements frombthe driver that are not present in your driver (3months is quite old)

In the meantime might be an idea to update to current driver & while its a pain reinstall old driver when switching mining.