Unable to complete Crystal order


I have recently received an email from Pimax saying that the “Pimax Crystal is ready now!”

When clicking on the Product Page as per instruction from the email, and entering the password given in the email, nothing happens.

I have contacted Pimax about this issue and opened a ticket.

Did anyone else experience this? Any suggestions on what can I do to finalize my order for the Crystal?

The first screenshot labeled pimax1.PNG, is when entering the password.

The second screenshot labeled pimax2.PNG is after hitting ENTER. After that nothing happens.

Thank you for your help!

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Can you kindly share your email address and ticket number with us through PM?

Edit: I have shared a new password to you, please check and advice.

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Thank you very much for the new password! Using it, I was able to complete my purchase of the Crystal.

Again, many thanks for your prompt help!

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