Ultrasonic time-of-flight sensors


Could be good to have those sensors on the controllers and as an accessory for the HMD to get rid of pimax’s dependency on Valve.

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Awesome indeed. Though would need to be in an addon module at this point. But for 8kX & other future headsets built in would be awesome.


This sensor is designed to detect objects in a proximity (the specs on web say up to 1 meter). There is nothing it can do to replace lighthouse tracking if it is what you meant.


No for sure. Slam/stem + hybrid solution is future.

Blending is needed of tech to eliminate LHes for true freedom.

Here is the sensors they used for the Vive Focus.

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Lighthouse works fine…


Try them outside. Or the fact on the go setups. LH v2.0 at least removed need for LHes to see each other. But Too much sunlight messes with tracking.

Why would I try them outside? lol this aint a quest and never will be…


On the go use. Plus while at this point in time a long ways aways. Pumax is working on eventually having an AiO module.

Here is a good article to read.

Works fine if you have them, i’ve been waiting for ever after Valve to produce their LH and ship them to Pimax to finally ship them to us. It took so much time to get my HMD that i got a Samsung Odyssey+ in November, used it until March, sold it to a friend, bought a Oculus Quest, and even today i still can’t use my Pimax. No 3DoF is not acceptable, and i still would not have controllers.

Simple easy 6dof xb 360 kinect & it’s cheap.

Not sure though why hmd’s are still using 3dof internals when you can get ones with better coverage.


I agree its unacceptable. But Pimax cant even manufacture the accessories for backers let alone designing and coding a brand new locomotion system on top that. We would never see it nor any other product come from them as they would fade away into insignificance as a company that failed to deliver ANYTHING. Lets see them try and wrap their heads around face foam and a rigid headstrap before we put any more outlandish ideas in their heads.

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and i have a kinect 360 with adapter waiting in a box… might try this some time.

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** CH-101 supports a maximum sensing range of 1 meter **

range seems limited at first but it’s promising

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You still miss the idea of modular 3rdparty. They don’t need to be the ones delivering a new direction.

I do agree pimax needs to get basic options out & with Valve being potentially ready to deliver LH modules we might see some kind of traction. With core of Steam tracking; the LHes being available to oems.

At this point even a psmove like solution would be good to tie things over with colored ping pong balls.

Yes your right but maybe it could be used for the evaluation of the distance between the controller and the headset seems the chosen application

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Sonar type of ultrasound are extremely damaging to living things…

Not at the power levels a headset would be able to generate, no one is advocating taking the array from a nuclear submarine and strapping it to your head

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I found another article about this tech here: Hands-on: Vive Focus 6DOF Controller Dev Kit but it seems it has its own problems.

In general ToF sensors are good for distance measuring. I imagine with some effort, you can make them track objects, but it would be prone to imprecise positioning. Like you would know the distance, but not the exact spot.

Contrary to that, with image tracking (e.g. Oculus), you know the spot exactly (in the FOV), but must compute the distance. So both techs are prone to some errors.

Lighthouses are superior in that you know the exact position from the laser sweep timing.

Sound and light should be functionally similar, just sound travels slower (but for the distances involved in roomscale is trivial) but by using 2 different frequencies instead of 2 lighthouses you should be able to get largely the same effect.

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