Ultra-enthusiast hardware is strangling PC gaming

This does seem to be where things have been heading.


It’s where it’s been to be sure. My computer is pushing five years old, and the whole build was $1000 at the time.

Today, you can scarcely get a 70 class GPU for that price. It’s insane.

I bought myself two Nebra Anybeam MEMS Pico projectors, because they canndraw an image similarly to a CRT. at 640 by 720 resolution that is the resolution I get in motion while on a 60 Hz input. I can run my games, maxed out and get an image that’s close to an OLED for less without replacing any hardware.

The image is 109 inches in size and is capable of infinite contrast just like an OLED. I paid less than 500 for that and can enjoy my games on the current hardware I own.

I have wanted a GPU upgrade for years, but I’m not one of those that’s going to spend multiple thousand dollars just to get 30% more performance at best in a video game.

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If it wasn’t for the fact i like some games that are only on pc i’d would exclusively be a console gamer by now, the prices of pc’s and components are just becoming too much, i can see myself ditching pcvr gaming for psvr2 in the future.


Back in the old days as a student, I would scrape my hard earned money to get me a 386-40 and later Pentium, and then the Voodoo 3dfx cards revolutionized the scene. And you really noticed the improvements big time. Some years later though things had settled down a bit and I found that for my same old 1024x768 monitor I didn’t really need to go for the flagship GPUs anymore because it just was about dialing up some kind of nice to have settings to 8x instead of 2x etc…
From 2000 through approximately 2016, I was doing well with my 3rd line GPU approach at a modest 400-500€, replaced every 3-5 years.

But yeah, enter the scene VR. Thanks a bundle, Palmer. You really cost me serious money, buddy.

I was hanging on to my 2080Ti for a couple of years now, but the 4090 really provides a major step up and not just the to be expected 60-70% improvement of two generations. And enjoying a number of games which I ran at really low FPS using OpenXR & reprojection I do see some serious improvement to it. So this time around it was worth it to me again (and of course it helps to be an old fart who can spare that kind of absurd amounts now, which wouldn’t have been the case 20-30 years ago).


I’m sure it won’t be long before we see a Steam console. Steamdeck is halfway there already.

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So true, a Pc/Vr gamer should more money ,1500€ for a Pc gamer is out snifff :cry::cry::cry::cry:
2000€ for a RTX 4090 :grimacing::grimacing::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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