Ultimate Sim Rig

Not really VR related completely but…should work nice with a Crysral or 12K.


Using pancake screens on a rig like that should be a crime.

obviously for VR you wouldn’t need the screens, lol

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Ah yeah, was just joking. That said I probably would have to use pancake screens to see all the controls and know what I was actually doing ha! I do love the passthrough MR stuff we’re seeing, like what Varjo showed off with the XR3, for stuff like this. Being able to see your controls in VR, for a setup like this, would be amazing.

might have to if the YAW2 never ships

Why? There are already people who have received one. One is even here in the forum.

Actually, they contacted me two weeks ago asking to confirm my Address, so I take that as a good sign.

OMG update. I have received 1/3 packages its like 80 lbs and the UPS guy said the other two should arrive on monday. :dizzy_face:

This is actually happening!

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What backer # and options? Can you send us pics when done?

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I am backer 383. I got the standard with chair and extra side rail.

I wanted the 2-pole desk but they sent the center mount instead.

Kind of a blessing actually, since I wanted to test the strength myself

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YAW 2 looks cool just been looking at it. Wish I had the space for something like that but don’t unfortunately. Let us know how you get on with it.