UK customs/import/etc costs are? :-s

I’m in the uk and thinking of buying either the 5k+ or the 8k but I don’t want to get stitched by some crazy high customs/import/etc costs when it arrives.

Anyone have any idea what these costs will be for each unit?

p.s. I get a “Error Signup is not currently available” when trying to create a JIRA acct for asking via support.


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There were no costs for kickstarter backers and i didnt heard about any for retail version. Good question by the way, as retail version isnt yet sent to anyone and we cant be sure.

if pimax sends it to uk warehouse, then any charges were paid on entry to eu. you shouldnt see any charges for having something shipped from uk to anywhere else in eu. not till brexit at least. XD

America to uk on eBay we do so china to uk I would assume the same etc. Theres gonna be a charge somewhere, just worried about how much but if I’ll be officially buying from a uk warehouse then there wouldn’t be no… I bet the headset cost shoots up though coz right now the 5k is £534 and the 8k is just £688 compared to the vive pro at £798.

p.s. Im a bremainer :smiley:

Don’t worry for taxes, you ll probably get one of the UK or EU backers headset and those are already here.

oh god, imagine that? LOL

I’m holding off for a bit till I get my new rig all sorted plus I have psvr to move over to pc with trinus which will be a jump in quality anyway and I’ve gotta get the cash sorted as everything going on the new rig first hehe.