Tyriel Wood: Through The Lenses - Pimax 8K+ vs 8K vs 5K+

The colours on the new 8K(+/X) panels look way better than both the 5K+ and the 8K… Nice! :sunglasses:

Thanks for the comparison @Tyrielwood :+1:


His through the lense shots are off, not in perfect focus either :upside_down_face:
You can see the fresnel lense rings in some parts of the images, so not “right on” and thus focus cannot be made correctly.

Thanks for posting though :slight_smile:


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ok that means 8kx is going to be soooo good.
im hyped


Not impressed. Better wait for the ‘X’ model.

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Well literally he tyriell said impressive… and also that the Macro shots are not 100% what meets the eye - I think it’s an improvement over all we have at Consumer level but well I did first order the X also :slight_smile: that supersedes the + again.


I hope Pimax send him an 8kx


A lot of people lap these videos up (pun intended) but Mr Wood needs to go back and update the old footage (8K & 5K+) he keeps using. The 5K+ was supposed to be sharper than the 8K but in Assetto Corsa the 5K+ looks totally blurry compared to the 8K. I am sure if he redid the older headsets he has more experience now and might get better images. Either way, you really need to watch these videos in full screen and on a large display to pixel count the details. :grin:


Yeah, that is another Problem, not only to truely catch what would meet the eye, but then to also make that available - lots of encoding and transformations going on until it reaches your screen and then it would have to be played in 4k? And welI, I can see the SDE of my Monitor on that I am watching the Video, so it is getting harder as back in the “old” days to show that all…

It where the fine Details that cought my attention (less the ones he zoomed in on at the end) where you can see it - in Asseto Corsa the stand/tower on the left side of the road or the far of tree’s branches.
I cant wait to get my set of Vision HMD’s thats for sure :smile: !

Edit: Correct some of my wonderfull spelling Jazz :wink:


The 8K+ looks really good in the assetto corsa comparisons! You can easily notice how clean and ‘stable’ the image is … there is a lot less shimmering in the 8K+.

8KX will probably blow people away in these tests.


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