Tyriel Wood - Pimax first impression pre-Review

NOTE: I changed the title of this post from Review to first impression Pre-View as it was not actually a full review of the Pimax itself.


Im not sure what to think of his impressions on the distortion. most at the vr space meetup didnt say it was so bad.

Also how has nobody up until now not mentioned a double image at the edge?

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I completely agree. I was at the NY backer meetup and I didn’t see the amount of distortion I saw when Tyriel and myself were testing the unit for this video. I told Tyriel this and wondered out-loud if maybe something was wrong with the HMD itself. Now there are other posts in this forum about how placement of the HMD on the head could actually greatly reduce the distortion. I sent a copy of that post to Tyriel and I think he’s going to try some of those suggestions. BTW… Tyriel told me that it appears that the unit has 3 dead pixels.


Awesome impressions. Far more informative than anything you’ll get from Nathie :+1: Hopefully he can fix all the issues. Always sux when you do someone a favor and it backfires


This is not a review at all…

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Impressions of the distortions and other faults. Apparently it has dead pixels already. Same as the Thai backer who recieved his today

Double image at the edge were most likely caused by changing FOV without restarting SteamVR.

The problem with first impressions of new Pimax users/testers is that they dont spend more than 5 seconds trying it, and without any further research starts to complain.

It’s very popular to complain. For some reason it gives the impression of being more “serious” and “honest” lol… i see it every day. I tend to laugh…

Having that said, I like Tyriel and his content. But he clearly deserves some more time spent with the headset. Or visit a backer meetup to get a more polished experience with everything setup as its SUPPOSED to be.


Does anyone know why Pimax just sent me my headset…and nothing else. I’m looking a paper weight .
I can do nothing with this thing…why ship me something I cannot get to operate. I backed a complete 8k package…and all I receive is a headset I cannot use now…wtf g

interesting , Nathie’s as well. I wonder if this is a problem with all of the panels or just the early ones.
As kickstarter backers I wonder if we get the same warranty coverage as a normal purchaser.

I guess that’s comforting. But I’ll admit I like when things work out of the box as it’s supposed to, but I suppose if it doesn’t we will fight to make it work because there is no going back now.

I guess it depends on how much you really want it to work, if you are willing to put a little more effort.

are you serious ? The controllers and base stations aren’t ready yet. I suspect it has more to do with Valve not wanting 2.0 base stations out before valve has a product that utilizes them , (that product being knuckles)
Here’s hoping that by the time we get notice that our base stations are ready to ship, the knuckles will be released as well.


Sorry Spazz the base stations and controllers wont be ready for 6 months

You can use it with internal gyro-3dof tracking like the Pimax 4k and dk1. For simracing or games supporting xbox (or other) controller input (subnautica, alien isolation, halflife 2 vr mod, all vorpx converted games, etc.).

So actually you can enjoy it already - if you want to.

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It’s not that I disagree but doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of “first impressions” videos? He’s providing his insight/experience what the average Pimax user is going to see when they receive their Pimax WITHOUT the benefit of “time spent at a backers meet” as soon as they begin using the unit! BTW, we spent HOURS testing the unit that day before the video and the issue really was distortions we were experiencing. Tyriel was also in contact with Voodoo during this time of testing… (how many new Pimax users will have direct Skype access to Voodoo after installation? :smile: ) In any case, he now has the Pimax 5K+ and will be doing followup videos (an actual full review), hopefully you’re right and these distortion issues can be easily resolved. Or at the least, greatly reduced which I think/hope he can since I did experience ‘a backer meetup that had a more polished experience’… and I made that known to Tyriel.


This is why your the vr Jedi.

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Ah that you, I always see your comparison of each headset, I just get mine yestetday.

My unbox review

I can’ t close my box, lol.

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Verawat. Now you had time to try the 5K are you happy with the headset? ดีหรือไม่ดี?

Still need more time to check with other game that I am wow with bigger fov, unlucky I still has problem of tracking by software last night and this morning. So I try to solve this issue perfectly before.

Is VR popular at Pantip now? What headsets do they sell

Not much, but I have vr party thailand and vr market in facebook for second hand by user here.

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