Two room base station/light house setup issue

Hi, I’m new to VR with the 5k+ and have just bought two vive base stations. I want to set them up in two different rooms (one in my office where I have my simrig and one in the nextdoor living room where I want to do standing games) and it seems this is possible through OpenVR Advanced. I’m not quite there yet though - I’ve googled and tried all the tips and trix I could find, but can’t get one of the base stations to appear as “connected” in pitool/steamVR. Do you guys know what to do?
From what I understand, since the base stations can’t see each other, I have to use “A” and “B” as channels, rather than B and C, and I’ve experimented with it without luck.

Would really appreciate any ideas. Thanks!

When base stations cant see each other you have to set them as channel A and B and then connect them with some sort of cable so they can sync.

On the Vive all I did was run the room setup twice and it remembers both.

Once in one room, and one in the other.

You should only be able to see one basestation at a time. I.e. one when You’re in one room, and the other when You’re in the other room.

Haven’t tested it in the Pimax yet as I haven’t received it.

I have two basestations in one room (channel B+C) and one in the other (channel A).

It’s the headset that “sees” the light emitted from the basestations.


Thanks for the info. Sounds promising to be able to do two room configs that simply. So far all I’ve been able to accomplish is to get one base station working at a time, only using channel A. That is - I have to power off the base station I don’t want to use (even if the other base station is set to a different channel) otherwise there seems to be some kind of issue with the tracking. Trying to make sense of it…:stuck_out_tongue:

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Okay, just in case someone else comes looking for a solution to this. In my case it was a matter of a: not allowing the base station to establish a connection (takes a minute or so on a fresh start up) and b: my office base station being able to occasionally track me when in my living room, causing conflicts. So my procedure now is that I power off the BS that I’m not currently using and place my headset in the tracking area of the BS I want to use, when powering up. Then everything works just fine.

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