Two models. Sword and Sword Sense. Sponsors deserve Sense

This publication is in the Spanish forum Rov:

The name “Sword” was chosen precisely because the form reminded them of a sword. Sword includes trackpad, and Sword Sense stick next to the side trackpad, as well as sensors that detect the five fingers and their movements. Both types of controllers include a grip button, a menu button (“A” in Sense), a system button (“B” in Sense) and a trigger, and are compatible with SteamVR Tracking 1.0 and 2.0.

The design of the basic (Sword) is finished and will soon carry out its production, with sales and shipments planned for the second half of the year. About Sword Sense, you still can’t share the release plans.
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1 question:
Can you explain and clarify in more detail what the sponsors are going to send?
Both “Sword” and “Sword Sense” models detect fingers?

Henderson also comments that Pimax base stations could come along with the launch of the controllers, or at least that seems to suggest his words:

"Our goal is to offer the best VR experiences available and, as we launch these new controllers along with the latest Lighthouse technology, this will allow us to offer complete VR systems that are more expandable and versatile than any other VR offering.

Pimax will offer discounted packages for the 5K+ and 8K controllers and displays. As for which controllers the backers will receive, they tell us that there will be an announcement when they know the price of the controllers .

I think the sponsors deserve to receive the Sword Sense model!

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I think Backers deserve to have both models with Finger sense as originally told.

An Eco version of both without sense makes sense for a wallet friendly option version of both stick & trackpad variants.

Crippling Trackpad model at this late stage is just not a nice surprise.


of course should they…

What happened to this announcement?

@anon84525399 ?

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Nobody realizes that pimax can end up sending sponsors a controller without finger detection?
Can pimax clear that up?


MRTV and SweViver also reporting

Looking forward to reviews

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