(Tutorial) How to make the Pimax microphone better

Here’s a quick tutorial I made on how to improve the quality of the Pimax microphone. This makes the microphone on my 8K X sound almost as good as my Index mic.


Thanks, I was using the peace and equalizer apo method but with inconsistent results (plus lots of background noise being picked up).
This is much better !

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This will help alot off people many thx for that…

But that this is needed on such a expensive pimax 8kx is realy realy a pitty…

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Really I can’t blame Pimax for this one. Microsoft is the one that screwed the USB audio driver. It used to be fine.


But why are other headsets sounding great with there mics on the same drivers…lets say the hp g2 sounds amazing

Because they’re using custom drivers and not the generic “USB Audio” ones?

Why didnt pimax fix that ?? We asked many times…

Priorities, I guess… That’s usually how it works… :wink:

Or maybe there’s a technical reason. I dunno… :upside_down_face:

They are fixing it. The dmas is delayed because they are making a custom driver

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