Turning my head just keeps shifting the world away

Hi there, every time I think I found the sweetspot for my 8kX I’m left with the issue that when I look towards the left, the whole world shifts a little to the right (and vice versa). I can narrow down the wrangled distortion, but this I can not get rid off.

It gets better when I slightly move my head towards the back along with it. Leading me to conclude the distance from the pivot point is wrong (cooked in the software). Anyway we can unlock this, like eye-distance from the lens or pivot point? This would certainly increase the odds of getting to the sweetspot, I’m sure. I even get this with one eye to the lens, so it is not a mounting issue.

Or do you think there is another solution? I already got ultra thin pads, anything bigger just brings more distortion. Thanks.

Are you sure the IPD is correct? For me the sweetpot is corret all the time. I use deluxe version.

Assuming you have the IPD set correctly, you may be too close to the lens (too short eye relief). The only way to change it is using thicker cushion.

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my idp is 65-66, I set it on 60 to get exactly that from the lenses, perhaps I can go a little higher.

and yes, i’m very close to the lenses with my thin pads, and will try thicker cushions now. But I never been able to find the sweet spot with that. Hoping for some luck then. Thanks for your thoughts.

No luck, the 11mm padding just makes the world distorted from all angles no matter how I position the device over my head. The only way I can keep the world still is when I moved more than 30mm away, at which point the padding and lenses are useless.

Either the sweetspot is too small to be obtained, or does not exist because of poor manufacturing. And if there is no sweetspot here is no point. I’m going to have to make a ticket because this is ridiculous.

…and there lies your problem. The lenses are set at an angle, so when you do what you mention above, the sweet spot for each of the lenses ends up on the bridge of your nose, instead of on its respective eyeball.

I know why you do it - it is a long-running point of contention here on the forum, and I too would like nothing more than to get the minuscle radii of focussed image for each eye to overlap (EDIT: …or rather: I’d like them to be large enough, that they overlap no matter what); But in doing so, you trade one desireable thing, for throwing the entire projection and the lens corrction alignment out of whack.

and do you suggest halfway-through then, like 63.0 IPD?

The readout should be correct, but it depends on how much eye relief you have: There is bound to be an optically-and-corresponding-with-game-camera-settings optimal eye-to-lens distance, but I do not know what that is. However: More eye relief means more lens spacing - less means less.

The lenses are canted ten degrees each, so when you look at something that is ten degrees to your right, from your nose, your right eye should be looking right down the axis of the right hand lens, and vice versa, mirrored, for the left eye.

This means it is impossible to get both eyes perfectly sharp simultaneously, but I guess that’s just the tradeoff that has been accepted, in the design… :confused:


Just to elaborate a bit on the point. Your IPD setting should read your real IPD value if your eye relief is exactly what Pimax used in the headset design.

Since no one knows which value Pimax used and no one knows his own value either, you may start to realize, why this topic is so popular.

On top of that, even if you get the geometry right, i.e. match the lens optical axis to your pupil axis (conveniently looking 10° outwards) you still face the problem of the FOV distortion (for which there is no compensation), if your eye relief differs significantly from the Pimax model.

I would suggest first addressing the geometry as @jojon hinted, then fix the FOV distortion (if there is any).

Also, do not forget to compensate for your real IPD (by using the software offset in PiTool) if you end up with setting which differs from your real one.

Somehow I found greater success with it today, I re-applied the custom strips that thickens the padding on strategic places. Turns out with little adjustments you can get very big changes. For now with the default settings the world is pretty fixed to me and that with any IPD! Who knew? The default padding is too flat for westerners i presume. Also, adding custom thickness to the cushion plays a huge part in the success of finding the sweetspot. Not only are they crucial, they need to be accurately placed for any further success.

Thanks again for the help, Ill learn alot from this. Ill give it a few more tries to find the perfect sweetspot.

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