Turn On smart smoothing problem with 8kx (shortcut possible)?

I like to use smart smoothing, in assetto corsa work very well. I have 2080ti but I prefer turn on smart smoothing always because I see better quality (no loose frame in curve). During racing it always show me about 37fpr and the image is perfect!.. but some time immediately start racing the image is very bad fluid, impossible to race… and the fps not show 37 but normal like 60 or more… The only solution is to pause game, and turn off smart smoothing and return play without exit the it work. .then after some minute I can retry to “turn on” smart smoothing and then,it work, it , show me 37ps and play perfect. Of course the game work good in off mode too but for me the “on” mode is better

So the question is if it’s possible to “remote control” pitoll.,… then assign the function “turn on/off” smart smoothing to a keyboard. so I can remap to wheel. This function don’t need to restart steamvr or restart the game… it work but random get this error … so it would be nice to correct without stop the game.

Maybe more function of pitool that don’t need to restart would be nice to assign a kerboard short link

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