Trying to get 5.1 audio working with my Pimax

I just connected a Klipsch 5.1 audio system to my PC via the 3 analog stereo cables. Under the settings for “Sound” then “Playback” then “Test”, I can hear each test tone in the appropriate speaker but when I play a game, I only hear sound through the left and right speakers and sub. Maybe the game does’nt support 5.1? Is there a notation at the Steam Store that indicates if the game supports 5.1 or surround? Thanks

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Check the game for surround options in settings.

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Ok after researching I found that the game shown at the Steam store, under languages, Full Audio will be checked for 5.1, this could also mean 4.1 or just surround but at least i do hear a separate feed to the rear speakers and occasionally to the center depending on which game. If Full Audio is not checked I only get a stereo feed.


I noticed some games have an “in game” menu for audio and you can choose 5.1 or 7.1 or stereo :beers::grinning: