Try this to fix stuck pixels

Sometimes you can break em’ loose.


@Heliosurge Might be a good idea to sticky this as it takes only 10 minutes to do and may fix stuck pixels which can avoid some returns.


Completed with a :pushpin: :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Great find @aesopfabled!


Did anyone try this and it actually worked…?


I attempted earlier with this but there are issues being a VR headset.

Problem 1 is keeping the square on the pixel whilst not wanting to wear the HMD for minutes/hours. Unworkable in Virtual Desktop etc. And putting the HMD on a desk you can’t align it properly, one small movement and its in the wrong spot. All of mine are impossible to see without wearing the HMD.

So then I tried a youtube vid that could do it full screen. I picked Fastest Way to Fix Dead Pixels 10 Minutes - YouTube initially, although I’m sure 10mins isn’t enough, Virtual Desktop downloads the file first it seems so I picked this just for time to test.

But then the next problem, with it not being on your head the display image turns off after 1min. So found myself nudging the HMD constantly after a while of constantly missing it going off I gave up.

Ideally we need @Pimax-Support to give us an official procedure, or utility or an option and/or a method to temporarily disable the motion sense standby option.


I did it for half an hour on my lenovo explorer. It has 10 subpixels red and green, which glow permanently.
I have brought steam desktop closer so that the square almost fills the entire fov.
So that it doesn’t go into idle, I put it on my bass shaker chair and vibrated it with 27hz.
Unfortunately no success so far. Or maybe a red pixel, I don’t know exactly.


Sorry sorry sorry but this is not a fix and is very unlikely to fix the dead pixels. Bandaid for an actual issue. I tried this also with my large section of stuck pixels

Pimax should provide a software method in PiTools

I highly doubt you can “fix” dead pixels with such videos. A dead pixel is usually due to a physical problem. Either a transistor is not working (always on or always off) or the liquid crystal cell itself is defect. A defect transistor can’t be fixed by simply trying to switch it many times on and off. Whether this is possible with the liquid crystals I don’t know. But it seems very unlikely. I think that is simply is a viral yet useless “technique” to fix dead pixels. There might be other reasons like defect traces which for sure can’t be fixed this way.

We should rather encourage Pimax to improve their quality control than spending time on such dubious “fixing” techniques.

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It depends on why it’s stuck. If it’s certain hardware related than no.

My old 55" Philips 1080p led tv when I sold it the stuck cyan pixel was no longer stuck. I or someonr posted sn article on stuck pixels potential to fix. But is hit n miss.

I had brought up most/all of the “fixes” from this thread in one of the countless other dead/stuck pixel topics.

My solution for the timeout was to leave the headset on top of a clothes dryer so that the slight vibrations will keep the headset awake.


I’m not sure moving my pc into the kitchen or moving the washer/dryer into my office is my fav plan :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen plenty of people suggest fixes, however, one reservation I had is fixing one pixel and not the others and suddenly being below pimax return policy! :astonished: So took a while to consider trying any solution.

You might be missing my main point here that we need pimax to be assisting with the solution which with todays feedback has been a large part towards this being sorted. But equally, even if it was a self-fix, we need pimax to assist and not have people following random advice involving tumble dryers and hearing their headset vibrate itself to the floor… or dry/wet cloths for which you can’t reach the screen anyway so not relevant.

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I am personally not a fan of that either. Personally, I hadn’t heard that one before and it seems a bit too risky in my opinion. My main point in mentioning it was so that people wouldn’t blindly put wet washcloths all over their sensitive electronics (as was mentioned earlier in that thread).

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With the pimax you can’t get near the displays anyway, even when you remove the lens there’s a further barrier that’s quite some distance from the actual display.

But yes, not the best advice even if they were accessible :slight_smile:

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Put the headset in the cement mixer with some pixel healing stones. Guaranteed the one dead pixel doesn’t bother you anymore.


I was able to “fix” a stuck pixel on an LCD monitor using a similar video, so this CAN sometimes work. The problem pixel came back after a while, but I discovered I could temporarily fix it again, by gently pressing that spot on the screen with my finger.

I’m sure this depends on the type of physical defect.


Like this?


I initially thought I’ve dead pixel, but I realized it is stuck pixel instead (always blue). So, do you guys suggest to view that noise pattern in Steam VR Desktop?

Anyone knows where exactly Pimax’s proximity sensor is? I wonder if putting tape on it would prevent auto turn off.

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Pimax uses Gyros to as the keep awake sensor.

Bigscreen beta & other Virtual Desktop aps might work. But to keep awake might need a way to disable sleep mode. This has beem requested a method to adjust sleep mode.

@Doman.Chen is there a console command for this & if so how do you access it?