Tried to use 4k with Vive controllers

After reading this:
i thought it should be possible to use the Vive basestations and controllers (via USB) together with this:

to crouch because the 4k has no positional tracking.

So i tried and was very happy to see the controller and the basestations in the steamVR window active, BUT:
i can only activate EITHER the 4k headset OR the basestations and the controller!!!

So PLEASE, PIMAX, make it possible to use the 4k with the Vive controller and basestation!

Maybe even with a Vive-Tracker at the Headset for positional tracking???

Thank you!


WORKING! :wink:

I had to set “activateMultipleDrivers=true” in the default.vrsetting-file in the steam-vr-dir



Well done. You should definitely try adding one of the trackers for position tracking.

yes, i should…

the default position of the headset is just over one of the basestations, which makes it very difficult to use the controllers. In the advanced settings-tab i can alter the Position of the playspace but so far i did not manage to fix my position properly.

Anyone also experimenting with this?
Anyone using the 4k with a vive tracker for positional tracking?

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WOW… This seems like a better alternative than using NOLO… If I had known about this I wouldn’t have purchased the NOLO. Let us know how well this works for you and thanks for the info!


In fact, we can use vive controller by using osvr.:sunglasses:

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Using the vive tracker modul for head tracking is an interesting idea!

Maybe once the team has time or even a third party might be able to create a vive tracker based like modul to clip on headsets to add steam tracking to any headset!

Thank you, crony!

I was looking into osvr ar github but couldn’t find it.
After a quick read-through i think i should be able to use one of the controllers for hmd-position quite easily…
I just have to define the right alias.
Can you tell me the right name for the pimax4k “display” string needed for the .json-file?
Just these two changes and the initial position-correction of placement and it should work!

Thank you again!

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even this its more less dead tread can you just maybe uploaded all complete files for this i have same setup just need to connect the vive controlers to my pimax :smiley:

I decided to wait for the 8k and to not trying around anymore.
You do not connect the vive wands to the pimax, you connect the vive wand via usb to the pc.
Or you by pc-dongles (bluetooth) for the vive wands to work wirelessly.
But to positional track the 4k you would need a third vive wand to mount on the 4k, or else the relative position of the 4k is not known…
Again cost i was not ready to invest just for fun.
Steam is flexible to accept multiple input controllers simultaneously.
You can find anything you need easily online.

JFYI, it works! …theoretically, at least, the offsets are very messed up, maybe it would be needed a modified version of Input Emulator, but I redirected the tracker on the 4k headset with Input Emulator and it works


Awesome stuff is the tracker being used on the headset?

@crony will likely be interested in comparing notes.

Vive Trackers/Vive Wands with the Pimax 4K:

Have Trackers/Wands already paired (View SweViver’s Windows Mixed Reality with Vive Controllers on setup process).
After seeing that video a lot of this should already be familiar.

Piplay (AKA Ghost City)
Install OpenVR-InputEmulator v1.3.
Launch SteamVR and open the SteamVR Dashboard.
Select the OpenVR-Input Emulator icon.
Set the Device option to Vive Tracker.
Set Device Mode to Redirect to.
Select Rift P1 (HMD).
Move the Tracker/Wand around to verify it’s been redirected to mimic a headtracker.

Select Device Offsets and checkmark Enable Offsets.

Adjust the WorldFromDriver offsets until the Tracker is oriented correctly. (This can take a while).

When satisfied, go back to main OpenVR-InputEmulator screen & Create/Save a profile to avoid having to readjust Tracker orientation after SteamVR is shut down.

This profile will need to be loaded whenever SteamVR is restarted.

Now somehow get the Vive Tracker on the front-center of the Pimax with the Micro-USB port facing upwards towards the ceiling. (Otherwise the view will look distorted).

A Vive Wand could also be used but it would probably be too weighty.

Very Useful:

OpenVR-SpaceCalibrator saves me from having to adjust the Tracker/Wands manually but it was used with my Rift Touches so don’t know how other controllers fare.

Launching the app immediately aligns Trackers/Vive Wands on my side.


Recommend to setup Head Tracking. (Otherwise the Pimax drift will just cause annoyance when adjusting offsets).
Browse to OpenVR-InputEmulator install location & run the desktopmode .bat file.
SteamVR should start.
Make sure SteamVR is centered. (Enable SteamVR’s Mirror Mode and click anywhere inside the window & press Z to recenter).
Now adjust the offsets with mouse until satisfied.
Save Profile.
Use OpenVR-InputEmulator’s desktopmode.bat to redirect/enable Profiles.

More observations if Head Tracking can be utilized:

Start SteamVR & have the HMD facing the play area’s forward position.

Redirect Tracker/Wand as Head Tracker w/ OpenVR-InputEmulator.
The View inside the HMD should show the correct basestation(s) orientation.

At this point, turning on extra Trackers/Wands should auto align to the play area without any need for manual offset adjustments.

Having the Vive 2.0 Tracker on the Pimax 4K has given it tracking down to the floor.


@CMM, @mmorselli
This is a great discovery~!!!
Thank you.

OSVR HDK1.4 + 6Dof + Vive Controllers

Oculus GO + 6Dof + Vive Controllers


Hey guys, impossible to connect my vive controllers and base stations, I followed SweViver’s instructions :

  • set to true activateMultipleDrivers in the devault.vrsetting
  • launched steamvr
  • the pimax 4k is detected, I try to turn on the controllers and base stations with my vive headset plugged (not the HDMI only USB)

Impossible to get the controllers and base stations detected, any clue ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Use this GitHub - pushrax/OpenVR-SpaceCalibrator: Use tracked VR devices from one company with any other. along with OpenVR input emu I would also suggest you use either VIve tracker dongles or the steam controller dongles flashed with watchman firmware vs using the headset.

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