Tried the beat saber with 8KX today, it was awesome

Finally, I got some time. So I thought, hey, why not play a game with the 8KX?
My friend Miracle told me the beat saber is very popular now and it is easy for someone like me(who never played any games with VR headset before) to take a start.

It was really awesome! :laughing:

The FOV was large and things were so clear in the view. I almost lost myself in the game. It just felt so real! When the door( the rectangular glittering thing, what is it by the way? ) came, I was freaked out, never succeeded in dodging that. :expressionless: So I lost the game again and again…sorry~

Although Miracle seemed to have more fun than I did by just standing by and laughed at me the whole time. He was like, “What are you doing?!!! You can’t be so slow! Move! Move! faster! God, you look so funny! hahahaha!” :no_mouth:

Anyway, I really had a great time in this game. :smile:
Does anyone have other recommendations? No violence, please. I am just afraid of guns, fighting, blood, or something like that^^


haha, yeah, you did look very funny. lol :rofl: :rofl:


@Miracle Do me a favor and :shushing_face:


I recommend trying to get the eye tracking working - hours of fun!


Download Valve´s “The Lab”. Free experience, looking awsome on the 8kX

Edit: Some more: Nvdia VR Funhouse (Free), Subnautica could be interesting (Exploration mode without fighting or story) Underwater feels awsome. The Blu, Tilt brush (if you are into arts/painting), Google Earth VR to feel Superman (-Girl :wink: ) and fly through the sky…


Here are a few from my Steam wishlist. I haven’t played any of these yet, but they sound like something you might enjoy.

  • IL DIVINO: Michelangelo’s Sistine Ceiling in VR (It’s free.)
  • Aperture Hand Lab (also free)
  • Nature Treks VR ($9.99 US)

Why haven’t I played them? I only recently got some VR controllers (Index), which are required for these games/apps, and currently I’m playing Half-Life: Alex.


Miracle there is a thread where a user is having an issue with transparent objects in Beatsaber if you can do a search here and help with getting issue resolved. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Can recommend Nature Treks the developer didn’t stop to make improvement after initial release


I just realized I haven’t tried this yet with my 8KX, but Google Earth VR is always fun to explore.


haha you just eliminated 50% of the top VR games :slightly_smiling_face:

p.s. I like your dress

haha talk about playtesting.!

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Hi, mr.uu

Wow, thank you for your suggestion. They all sounds super suitble for me!!

I love these kinds of games!!
Can’t wait to take a try! :star_struck:

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Thank you for these recommendations, I’ll look them up!!


I only tried the easy level and it was already hard for me :no_mouth:

Many people mentioned Google Earth VR, I guess it’s fun. I’ll take a look at it,too :hugs:


Really? Then I guess I’ll need to summon up courage and be onboard, too. Just give me some time,haha

Thank you! That is very sweet. :wink:
In fact, Miracle said that I was wearing his gradma’s dress and it made me look like at least 50 :no_mouth:


It’s already solved by the user:

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Hi Hammerhead ^^

If you have a chance you can try :
Job Simulator
Richie’s Plank
The Blue
Meditation VR

And just in case you like arts, like Painting/Sculpture/Architecture you can check 3 VR museums :
The VR Museum of Fine Art
IL DIVINO: Michelangelo’s Sistine Ceiling in VR
VersaillesVR | the Palace is yours
I made a video about them a few months ago :


Wow, hey! Thank you! I do like arts. :laughing:This is very helpful.

I watched your video. You did such a great job!! :+1:

Great channel! :+1: :+1:


Of all popular VR games, Beat Saber strikes me as a title that doesn’t benefit terribly from the 8KX (especially the lower refresh rate). But hey, it’s good that it works fine.


(Since everyone else is giving recommendations I thought I would too)

If you like museum like experiences some friends of mine have developed a photorealistic representation of the Titanic’s near identical sister ship the Britannic. The experience has several modes, you can tour the interior and exterior and also experience the sinking in real time exactly how it happened. They are historians and very talented modellers who have created a near lifelike experience that I think will look absolutely amazing on the 8kx. Here is their game-