Transforming the Pimax 8KX into the Most Comfortable VR Headset Ever!

The Pimax 8KX is a superior headset in almost every area, except for sound quality and comfort. Today I’ll be going over a solution that solves both of these problems and many more!

Here are the parts you will need. You can use these affiliate links to support my channel with no additional cost to you.

Vive Deluxe Audio Strap:

VRCover Back Foam (Choose Thick Option): HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap Foam Replacement - VR Cover

USB C Audio Jack Adapter:

Vive DAS Adapters (includes eye tracking compatible top adapter):

Studioform Creative 8KX Pro-balance Counterweights: (Use promo code “NextGenVR” to get 5% off your entire purchase)

Thanks for watching and leave any comments or questions below!


thanx for the video,nicely done.Also thx for the links for what we need…

But that we need to do this on a 1300 dollar device is unbelievable…


That was my first thought too :pensive:


I am personally working on modular foam pieces to build up the padding to allow for tilt, and / or working on new hinges if the foam mods dont get me all the way there.


Anyone here tried this?
Must be, it has lots of good reviews.


If we could get this type of face pad with 3 different thicknesses and breaking it into a modular kit it would be very useful i think. A separate forehead section 6mm, 12mm and 24mm. Then side sections 12mm, 24mm, 36mm, then the bottom cheek sections, 6mm, 12mm, 24mm.

If each piece is a self contained cushion with velcro backing it would solve a lot of fitment issues people have that are related to headset tilt angle… Padding out the forehead and not having much on cheeks vs padding out cheeks and having nearly nothing on forehead


The forehead element from the two-part set offers very good comfort and is absolutely recommendable. In combination with a 16mm synthetic leather cover, velcro strip for distance compensation, Vive DAS and counterweight imho currently the best setting.

The leather cover from the two-piece set is very thin and not very padded on the sides. In addition, too wide at the lower ends and therefore not very comfortable. Apart from the incidence of light on the sides. So I can only recommend the forehead element in combination with another leather cover.


Thank you for your review of this!

as @Honeybadger2000 mention it, with thicker foam it could be probably even better.


The right foam thickness is certainly very individual.

In my experience, you can quickly determine which foam thickness is optimal by manually pressing and pulling it away. If the distance is too great, this is particularly clearly visible on the sides (with max FOV).

By fine-tuning with the matching cover and Velcro strips, an optimal fit can be achieved within a short time.


This headset is not worth 1300,-


I just tried again my son’s Artisan, I did not for long, he have a DAS on it.
And omg my own 3D printed design (I shared it here) that upgrade the old strap is so SO much better, I must print him one, he told me was fine with the DAS but no, it is not.
The headset is not in the good angle at the right place of the face and even the sound is much better using some speakers from a usual headset are so much better…


do you also have a video on that that design?
thx, keep it up :slight_smile:


I do talk about it in this english subbed video : News du 8kX et Sangle rigide imprimable 👍 (Eng Sub) - YouTube


looks neat!!! missed it cause I don‘t speak french, but the subtitles were helpful


Thank you.
I am sorry I didnt make an english version of this short video.
Hope you get the post here also :


This looks great!! imho you should do english videos on that, it would be interesting to many I think.
Also with the Quest not coming with a good strap solution out of the box.
So spread the word :slight_smile:

…or send it to someone that speaks english well and let him review it.

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It’s cool though right, just another £200 to get better comfort and audio whilst looking at a razor sharp image in 1 eye :+1:t4:

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I prefer the SMAS to the Vive DAS once adjusted, i’d consider going to the DAS a downgrade.

I’m not using the SMAS for sound though, and neither did I use the DAS audio. Both are substandard compared to my dedicated headphones.


To each their own. Glad you are satisfied with the SMAS.

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This is awesome, there is no buying a headset tailor made to fit you exactly. Honeybadger has the right idea, anyone too lazy to follow this example should feel bad. It’s a bit of effort for a year or two of comfort. I am doing the same, kinda wish I had a sewing machine though! I am using thermoplastic to mould the contours of my head for a more exact fit.

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