Trade in for 4K owner?

Beside my 5K+ I also have a 4K can I trade in this 4K to have additional coupon for a 8KX or similar?


Me too. I submitted a ticket for this option to be used together with Plan B. Haven’t heard back yet


Anyone from pimax please reply.

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Hello anyone just reply yes or no? I believe this should be useful information to some people.

@Matthew.Xu, @SweViver, @PimaxUSA

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Have you not heard of Ebay? Why would you expect Pimax to offer you a credit for a product that’s years old. I sold mine after the Kickstarter campaign.

Because they actually do. The website says you typically get a $150 coupon for a 4K.

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I think there actually was a trade-in program for the 4k->5k+/8k.

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Had reply. Old trade-in deal page got copied to new website system but should have been 404’d.

No trade-in deal for 4K.

The trade in process has been updated:

So I believe you can trade in your 4K for a discount card to the 8K series!

Wut? What’s the link?

In the OP…