Trackpad vs thumbstick

Why does it have to be one versus another? Can’t we have both?

A ringed trackpad within its center… a thumbstick!

If the thumbstick is low profile, we could reach the upper part of the trackpad ring.


Yes thought of original ipod. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

Even oculus touch has a capacitive area to rest the thumb… the Pimax design doesn’t show inclusion of that in their thumbstick design. …which is not a good idea at all…This is why you gotta be careful what you wish for…

Still they need to also add more buttons…

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I’m waiting for the actual knuckle controllers, they look awesome lol.

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We need both!
Do both


See Update thread

I’d probably be ok with something like this if the option were available… (might be interesting to see how it plays out considering the strap location means that left hand and right hand will be different and not likely to be ambidextrous designed)

Left hand: Thumbstick (Only if it includes also includes a capacitive rest area for the thumb) Pimax’s design doesn’t seem to show inclusion of the capacitive rest area.

Right hand: Trackpad.


Interesting post on ks comments

But in truth other controller models could be made at a later date.

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Trackpad for sure.

Vive uses trackpad in it’s knuckles.
Oculus uses trackpad in it’s new controllers and mobile headsets.
Steam uses trackpad in it’s next-gen gamepad.
All our world is full of touchscreens.

All thumbsticks and joysticks are just an input signal converters, whereas a trackpad is the bridge between reality and VR.

If you will add both options, it would be great in any case, cuz there are never enough buttons in any controller. Apple knows, lol.


If we hit 4m i am going for 1 of each as dual stick or 1 of each i think could be good for sims.

On steamcontroller like having analog stick with trackpads

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But usually sims use wheals, H.O.T.A.S systems, throttles and joysticks.
The VR pilot (unlike the desktop gamer) should not interpret his actions to the game, he is whole inside.

I plan on mechs. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: And hotas cool but a later add on for me.

Plus think Earth Final conflict ship.

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One controller with stick + one with pad can start conflict with personal preferences and left-handed people, since knuckles are not two-sided. But hey, you are creating first ever VR transformer, so you can make a modular design with the ability to fasten the desired top panel of controler.


This is the HOTAS you need.

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Lile i said will have a set of each. For ultimate flexibility. Ordered 2 full sets 1 5k & 1 8k

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My option :smiley: … The VR is so free of cables… sigh

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@Pimax-Support, @PimaxVR, @Matthew.Xu, @deletedpimaxrep1 @bacon

  1. Just a moment… what is the nature of middle button input? Is it axis (Vive controller trigger) or just a bool?
  2. What was the reason to change the sensor (Vive prototype) to the button?
  3. Does the controller have a trigger?.. yes, I know, it does, but, can you confirm this? :slight_smile:
  4. Does the touchpad / thumbstick have a press input (Vive touchpad) in addition to axis input?

Thanks, you’re doing not just a great job, you’re doing a future.

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Sketches on Kickstarter page show middle finger button instead of cap sense, anyone knows why they have made that decision? Thanks!


Congratulation on 4 million mark, PimaxVR. I guess we don’t have to vote over controllers anymore :wink: .


Valve’s use of trackpads was a major miscalculation for a gaming device, they are inadequate for the task. Otherwise Nintendo Switch and other gaming consoles would all have trackpads. They do not. Microsoft understands, Oculus understands. Rift 2.0 will also have thumbsticks. SteamVR has to run and catch up with everyone else now.