Tracking number received today (Feb 15th)

Pimax 5k arrived on my doorstep on January 28th of last month. I laughed… A little…

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typical performance from pimax or so it seems left hand dont know what the right hand is doing and the brain is on holiday


how do you know they are not sending you a second headset.

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Lol sounds about right

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Same with me. Tracking number shows delivered.

I suspect the warehouse people were behind on getting notifications out.

pimax theme tune


Lol. Twas my first thought that they were sending me the 8k that I gave up waiting for as an exchange. Queried the tracking number to be sure and it showed my original delivery.

Ah so true. Like I said, it gave me a tiny little chuckle but in that shaking your head kind of way.

Ha! Waaaay behind. (20 characters)

Same here, I got my tracking number today for my 5K+ that was delivered 2 weeks ago :roll_eyes:

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Same here. I’d really love to know where the communication breakdown is. No stakeholder has a particular benefit from being this slow. So what’s going on?