Tracking Number DHL

The tracking number is not working on DHL :frowning_face:
ORDER P123302
DHL Express #9482963545

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Have you tried contact DHL?

Yes, and they said that the tracking number is fake.
Pimax is always giving more problems instead of solutions, really disappointed

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ask @mozi
He might be able to help you.

give me your order number tks.

I just got the headset

good to hear, hope you enjoy it.

Hello @DerekVVV sorry to kind of hijack the threat but I´m kind of in the same situation, shipping status says “Shipped out from oversea warehouse” but so far no traking number, and for the life of me I can never login to . Any chance you can help me out with a traking number? Order Number: P124241 Thank you.

Im checking , give me some time.

Any luck? Can I assume that is hasn´t been shipped yet or worse shipped not shipped via DHL as someone from Pimax stated it would?

"Dear Customer,
I’ve just confirm this for you,we’ll the make shipping via DHL.Moreover,we’re speeding up the shipment schedule,pls wait patiently and appreciate for your kindness.
Many shanks for your support and Have a good day!

Yours sincerely,
Kristy | PimaxVR"

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At least you got not only a response but lamb for dinnner.
“many shanks”

I get ignored still.


I will be honest, there are several orders have the same problems, we will handle them together on Monday.

really sorry for the delay.



what’s your problem?

I ordered a Pimax on Aprill 22nd and it hasn’t shipped that’s the problem.
7 Support tickets in.

replied you on another post.