Tracking getting worse over time 5k+

I only use my 5k+ for sim racing. With nothing having changed in my system itself, the built in tracking is getting worse and worse. I have a button mapped on my wheel for “reset to VR” which I would use sparingly. However, I’m not having to use that once a lap or every other lap on a straight away because the vision starts drifting to the direction I’m looking majority of the time. Example a track like Brands Hatch where you’re turning your head to the right a lot to follow your lines, the eye center will keep drifting to the right more and more throughout the lap.

Is this a hardware issue or a software issues? @PimaxQuorra any idea?

I have not had the same experience, but I also use it only for sim racing (with base stations), and noticed that setting it to one base station mode made the driving experience much better.

Previously I have always done sim racing with both enabled. I would notice weird tracking. I never needed to recenter but something was off. Switching to one base station mode solved it completely.

Did you ever try with a base station instead of inside out tracking?

I don’t have any base stations. Always used it without them.

There’s your answer.


How is that my answer when it’s been working fine since march of last year and only started getting worse over recent months?

presumably the simple tracking runs over acceleration and magnetic sensors. They always have drift. Now there is a magnetic field, e.g. Headphones, it becomes even less precise…

I would use one Basestation for sim.


They gyro based tracking works, it has built-in accumulation of error. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t expect much from this kind of tracking solution and you’re doing your headset a big disservice by using it without a Lighthouse system.

if you have the base station 1.0 then you need to connect it to usb on pc and then update it in Steam.

Every single 3dof headset I have owned suffers from drifting. You need 6dof to maintain tracking. That is your answer.

The fact you are suffering more from it now may have many causes. Either way. 3dof tracking always suffers from drifting at some point, and sometimes more than others.

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You might be experiencing Drifting. One user in the p4k days had changed his room around and a speaker was causing drift.

It is possible you might need to calibrate or have the gyros calibrated. I don’t recall if pitool has an option for this. If not support might be able to do so by remote teamviewer session.

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wow. … :zipper_mouth_face: haha.

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Add one more button to the pimax experience to recalibrate the accelerometer. Hope this won’t take long.

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a gyro is not electronically recalibrated, it depends on the magnetic field of the earth. Calibration is done by rotating in all directions and laying flat on the ground. You can find a good guide for each drone or smartphone …

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I appreciate your efforts to educate me but that was my failed attempt to be sarcastic. Sorry you didn’t find any humor in it.

I do know how to read and I can also copy and paste.

"Accurate accelerometer calibration is a way to provide physical meaning to this electrical output and it is a prerequisite for quality measurements.

Calibration Basics

The manufacturer of an accelerometer subjects the design to a wide variety of tests to determine output due to a large number of inputs. Output characteristics commonly measured include sensitivity, frequency response, resonant frequency, amplitude linearity, transverse sensitivity, temperature response, time constant, capacitance, and the other environmental effects (base strain sensitivity, magnetic sensitivity, etc)."

I hope you don’t take offense either. I hang around the forum to see the latest pimax talk and as it has always been a great deal of humor for me. Hope you enjoy this forum and the “Pimax EXPERIENCE” as much as I do!


then sorry, the sarcasm was too well camouflaged



Well it was also ment to be literall. We have know idea how long pimax will take.

No need to be sorry.:wink::crazy_face:


surely there are some other people with wonderful ideas to delay this things. :joy:


I didn’t know that was a thing. Is this something I can do or does it requires Pimax to update their software?

Last night I started having “screen binding” meaning the i turn my head the whole screen moves. So it’s certainly getting worse.

It sounds like a headset hardware problem to me. I have had a less extreme but similar issue with my 8K.

The drift is much worse in the summer. It is apparently caused by a room fan very near my desk (where I play seated VR). When the fan is off, I get minor drifting (needs a reset every 10-15 minutes). When the fan is on, I need to reset it every minute or two. This is in spite of the fact that I am using a base station. I’ve bought a second base station, but have not set it up. I’m hoping that will reduce the drift, because it gets hot in my office, even with air conditioning.

If you have a fan near your VR area, try turning it off or moving it further away.


Neal! you’re my hero. i have a fan literally at my CPU due to summer heat. I will try tomorrow night with the fan off and report back.