Touchpad calibration

Just got my Sword controllers. However I can get the front 1/4 of either left or right touchpad to register a touch. Makes it very hard to control anything in IEYTD. Does anyone know if it’s possible to recalibrate the touchpads?


This is odd tho, the touchpad should allows you to do full movement control.

Yup. I’ll record a video for show and tell :slight_smile:

Just received an updated firmware from Pimax. It appears to have helped a little.
Also doing some further testing - there’s no problem if I use the tip of my thumb, finger, or touch-pen. It’s only when I use the ball of my thumb that I can’t reach the edge of the pad. I’ll see if I can get some touch pens to make my thumb more pointy!

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Yeah,… That doesn’t help with the touchpads on the Sword controllers.
I’ve talked to Pimax support - apparently it’s a known issue with large thumbs. They are working on a hardware change for this issue. And I have an idea that I’ll share if it works.

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