Too much flickering in white colors-60hz

With the new Pitool and firmware I find the 60hz in the 8kx too much flickering in white colors like the sky in dcs. The smoothness is great but with that flickering in the sky is too annoying to play. It is a pity if Pimax can’t solve that issue. At the moment, for me, it is unusable. Keep pushing.


Sadly a 60hz strobe will just naturally flicker. From CRT displays to flat panel technologies having the back light flash at a 60hz refresh rate will always have flicker. Try the 72hz setting, the flicker should be less noticeable.


Solve it by running 75hz :laughing:


SW Squadron with PP and 60hz is fine - no issue here

I have also the Pimax 4K with 60 Hz and no flicker. If i use the 8KX with 60 Hz there is strong flicker.

Tried 60Hz on my 8KX…
No way I’m ever doing that again, the amount of flickering drives me nuts within less than a minute.
75Hz I tolerable, more would be preferable.

I really don’t care about having 60Hz because of it’s easier to hit 30fps and use smart smoothing, cause I can’t stand the flickering displays


If it’s not affecting some users on the 8KX but is for others, and not happening on the 4K for people who also have the problem on the 8KX and those users own both devices, the problem logically has to be related to manufacturing discrepancies and another product flaw in the 8KX and not the persons computer causing the problem.

I’ve used the 60hz mode in FS2020 and ATS without any flickering issue that I noticed. Played them both for around an hour or so.

I strongly suggest people try to ignore any such flickering for a couple hours, and see if it goes away entirely, before giving up on 60Hz.

Changing the backlight setting may also change the flicker characteristics.

Still haven’t tried 60Hz myself on the PRODUCTION Pimax Vision 8kX yet. However…

With the NOT FINAL 8kx, 60Hz caused a very small amount of flickering, just enough to notice in peripheral vision, where the human eye is more sensitive to this. In about two hours, I stopped being able to see this at all.

That said, such flickering should not be happening in my opinion. I believe this is due to frequency mixing between LCD and LED modulation frequencies, which could be set to avoid such problems. Flickering is not an inherent problem with the 60Hz refresh rate, as LCDs do not have the ‘strobe’ characteristic of CRTs. Chances are you are reading this on a 60Hz LCD right now without flickering.

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I suspect the 4k is likely full persistence. If so: In that sense it would be the 4k that has a design flaw. :9

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I saw a flicker in every 60Hz HMD. It has nothing to do with the hardware. Some people see it, others don’t.


I guess I have anti-flicker glasses becouse dont see it at all :smiley:


Every 60Hz HMD? Were any of those OLED?

Reverb g1, odyssey, explorer, all have 60hz mode

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I see more flicker in my Reverb G2 at 60Hz than in my 5K+ at 64Hz. Maybe the 4Hz less and higher resolution make it worse. I persevered with 60Hz on the G2 because it’s the only way I can have a perfectly smooth experience under any weather conditions in AMS 2. Overcast weather, when the sky is completely white, is the worst for flicker. It’s the only time that I perceive it now. Well… I usually also perceive it in the menus for the first couple minutes of wearing the HMD.

Interesting data point now that you mentioned it. I never noticed flicker at 64Hz with the 5k+ either.

That basically confirms beyond doubt VR displays without flicker at 60Hz are possible. Thus, the 8kX has flicker due to the LCD/LED being opaque/dark at least some of the time, and possible frequency mixing in between.

I would also suspect power line frequency ripple/interaction, however, this is rarely exactly 60Hz at any given time, and some of the people reporting flicker seem to be from places where the power line frequency should be 50Hz.

Rather certain that is not the case.

look from the side at the monitor.
funny, in the cinema I never had problems with 24 pictures., but the cinema works without pulsed light.

Not a problem with my screens, unless particularly extreme backlight settings are in effect.

That’s the thing, you don’t know the settings Pimax is using in their strobing. Some people are sensitive to 60hz flicker, some are not.