Tom says RTX 2080 still not enough

Time to pre order the 2080ti

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It was to be expected, 2080 is basically a 1080ti with raytracing and tensor cores added to the mix, in raw performance is basically identical to a 1080ti and we know it’s barely able to feed 5k+ and 8k.


So RTX 2080TI is the only valid option to use with Pimax 5K+. Really disappointing.

RTX 2080TI costs aprox 1.400 € in EU so I’m looking at 2.500 € for new PC + 100 € for controllers, 150 € for base stations, 600 € for headset probably = 3.350 € ( 3.850 $). I think I’ll pass this one and wait for headset with implemented eye tracking with dynamic foveated rendering, to bring hardware demands down, even if it costs more than Pimax. I can’t justify spending so much for a thing that will be obsolete in 3-4 years time frame.

Yeah I’m starting to feel the same way

1070 with low resolution is better than 2080 in high resolution.

If we need RTX to set 8k in high resolution for make 8k to have quality look like 5k, I guess that the fps will be very low.

In the test they used steamvr 100% while in Swevivers review he used up to 60% in steam without that reducing imagequality he said. That gives a big performanceboost. All testers could play most games fine with a gtx 1080 TI

Just use normal fov (150) and 1080ti, this is what we currently are aiming for because if you increase FOV to the large - performance will decrease significantly. Even more - large fov creates more distortion, i belive testers (reviewers) are not using it at all. Large fov is a goal for the future optimisations and updates from pimax team.

1080ti runs just fine with normal fov and there is no real need for 2080ti, unless you want to play something that doesnt runs well at all, but then again 2080ti wont make a miracle i guess.

I hope so, but VoodooDE VR review says otherwise:

I’m afraid you’re looking at reprojection 90 % of the time on 1080 TI even with Steam resolution at 60 % and normal FOV (large gives you up to 50 % fps hit) for more demanding titles. If you want to get rid of constant reprojection, you’ll need 2080TI.

Those reviews (almost all of them) are already outdated as pimax software was updated with a performance bump.

These SweViver’s findings were negated by Sebastian (MRTV) and Voodoo VR DE. Nothings has changed in reality. Same performance for the same picture quality.

Maybe, but in fact he is driving with normal FOV (150) and stable 80 fps on 8k in a high demanding game and claims it looks perfectly fine with no need to increase supersampling. And thats with around 75% gpu and cpu usage.

If you look at Elite dangerous and DCS world, Project cars 2 you’re getting 45-50 fps. Hardly playable and these are my favorite games :frowning: You really need 2080TI. Hopefully it will be enough to give you no dips below 45 fsp, so reprojection can do it’s work.

Lets not talk about DCS, this is a bad example, as fallout 4 vr. Its just not right to take a game that doesnt works well and say “Current GPU’s are not ready for Pimax, because there is an unoptimized game that doesnt runs well”.

There are many games to test that runs just well and offers better graphics. Something that doesnt works well on 1080ti wont work great with 2080ti, imho,

Elite dangerous requires just more tweaking;)

Not just DCS, also IL2, ED, PC2, Hellblade,.Fallout, Kingdom come deliverence… We really need 30 % rough performance boost offered by 2080 TI. Hopefully it will be enough.

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Oke thanks, well no need to panic , i just wait till the headset arrives and see what happens with my 1080TI, play with the settings. They will keep improving rendering, brainwarp foviated rendering… I know with the 4k they just did keep improving pitool in the long term and don’t give up easily…