To the Pimax community - we should all muck in and help with the translations!

I recently purchased a Pimax 4K, and the hardware is state-of-the-art,
but I almost didn’t find that out, because I had a lot of trouble getting through
the confusing setup process.

I think most English-speaking customers would be initially discouraged
by the clunky translations of the install instructions - also the descriptors
on the Piplay store apps are confusing and badly worded.

At first glance, I wasn’t going to even try out the Piplay store, as
it looked half finished, and with troubles I had with the setup, I was almost tempted to
send the unit back, and post bad reviews that it was an unfinished prototype.

Once I got the system working, and tried out the apps, my opinion of
the Pimax changed. Considering the mysteriously translated descriptions,
I was quite amazed at the work that has gone into some of them.

A lot of the install process would be confusing for English speakers, but once
you get it working, the actual hardware works flawlessly. With a little
bit of adjustment to the language, you might find that customers initial response
will be much more positive - especially considering that all hard work on the hardware
has been done, and I expect that translations is much simpler than microelectronics and optics.

Would you be interested if the Pimax community offered to submit more fluent
translations and app descriptions, so that the software does justice
to the surprisingly excellent hardware? I really want your company to succeed,
as you are pushing out affordable high-resolution VR to the masses, and anything
we can do to help make the new-user experience smoother will help make that mission successful.

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People should post some of the existing language and suggest improvements. Here’s an example:

When you have a problem downloading a Piplay store app, you get a message saying:
“The network is not well now, please try again. We are sorry for inconveniencing you.”

Which is a very polite mode of communication, but it might be more standard to say:
“There is a problem downloading this application. Check your internet connection and try again.”

Currently there is a single “Confirm” button - maybe change this to “Retry” and “Cancel” buttons.

Then there is an app on the Piplay store called “Affected”

The description is:
“You are trapped in a dilapidated old house, th
e flashing lights and dozens of historical ol
d portait come to eyes”

It didn’t exactly inspire confidence, but I was having trouble getting SteamVR to work,
so I decided to download everything, to see what I could get working.

This is a horror experience, and it is possibly the best thing I’ve seen in VR thus far.
I play a lot of creepy games, and I yawn loudly at the best of them, but this was probably
the first genuine scare I have had from an audio visual experience since I was a kid.

But from the description, you wouldn’t expect much at all, which is a shame.
I couldn’t write this sort of VR game if you gave me ten years, but I could write a better
description in 10 minutes.

The description could be something more like:
“Welcome to Affected.
Descend into the depths of a maze of madness,
a labyrinth of terrors. What awaits you, in the dusty corridors
of a long abandoned manor house, the lost asylum, and the ruined carnival?
You can venture into the darkness,but will you ever get back to the light?
Warning! Be prepared to be scared. Not for the faint of heart.”

Something to get people in - people should see this, because it looks great in the Pimax.

Also, it could do with some instructions - it took me a while to realise you could use
WASD, the arrow keys, and you could also look around with the mouse. Though I’d recommend
just using head tracking to look around if you have the space, as it’s much more immersive.

There’s a lot of good work gone into the Piplay apps, so they need some better descriptions
to get people to try them out.

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@PIMAX-Support please read over this thread @zanderlex has a great idea on helping with translations