To process my refund pimax had to cancel my order and redo it now I'm worried I've been pushed to the back of the line

So long story short Pimax owed me 200 dollars for an overpayment that was made, they have indeed processed my refund and I recieved it without any issue. But in order for them to do so they had to cancel my original order and create a new one. What worries me is Kevin said specifically in Pimax day 2 orders are first come first served and my original order was very early within the first few days but this new one is dated for today. Did I lose my spot in line because of this?

I have a very tight schedule and am only in the United States for 4 months at a time before I head back to the middle east for work. I would be quite upset if I had to wait for several months AFTER the 8KX starts shipping to recieve it.


You may want to contact directly to @asales or I believe


Hmm that’s strange I was also a super early orderer and then they decided to give us an extra $100 off, they i got the refund .

The only reason they had to redo my order was because i wanted to change my order to keep the eye tracking , even so Sally from pimax support assured me that I would keep my place in line.

(Aside: To quote a certain emporer. Scheduling so precisely over Pimax supposed release dates is what some would consider unnatural")


Sorry for the issues, I believe this was caused by the miscommunication, would you please provide your order information or ticket, so we can assist you , Thanks.


Honestly I would want to be at the back of the line. Hopefully by the time I get my 8KX most of the bugs will have been worked out by then


Old order- SO4883

New order- SO8887

Hey dude , you have nothing to worry about ,I was the same an early order and had to get a tax refund!
What they do is deactivate your order ,refund you what is owed …then reactivate your order all fixed up!! So you will not lose you’re place in the q .
But it takes time ,but there is no rush as they haven’t started production yet!!!

I switched from 8K to 5k+ late as backer and went from front of the line to the end. I hope for you that they improved handling but I doubt it.

Thanks man, what worries me is I have a completely new order number with a new order date of Dec 31. They didnt reactivate my old order but created a whole new one which leads me to believe I’ve been pushed to the end of the line.

I have no confidence Pimax has improved their efficiency and speed in producing headsets and having 2 full months of orders put in front of mine could very well mean the difference in me being able to use the headset until 2021 which if that’s the case I might as well cancel the order…


Has my order date been reset or not? I think it’s a simple question…

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Your better off being in the later batch. I waited until yesterday to preoder just so I knew I wouldn’t get screwed like I did with the 5k+ and the 120hz mode. Hell knowing pimax the later batches of the X will support 90hz.

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I’m not worried about that. Like I said I’m leaving the country in July and wont be back until 2021 I’m not interested in waiting.

Hello Zuiquan,

Please kindly drop me a mail towards your order number.
I’ll pass over to my team.


OK I have sent you a message with the details.

I was just about to say the same thing. Being later is why I dont have a 202 version of 5k+. And being not late enough was why I had to have a replacement cable shipped (to fix white sparkles)

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In case anyone was curious Pimax support did contact me and will be honoring my place in the queue.

Thanks everyone for the suggestion to wait but I’m not interested. Like I said I want it as soon as possible. My life is unique in that I only spend 4 months out of the year at home. The rest of the time is spent on a forward operating base in Afghanistan. My time to “play” with the latest and greatest technology is very…very…short. So I’d like to be able to enjoy it for at least a little while before it’s back to work.

If a “new” 8kx revision comes out eventually that is drastically different then my model I’ll just buy that too lol


If you have a quest you could play pavlov shack when you’re at work.

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No VR stuff here it wouldn’t last a week before being broken