Timeline for other items in Kickstarter

Hi not sure if it’s been covered but is there a timeline for when all the other stuff is coming ?

Base station / lighthouse
Deluxe audio strap
Glasses insert

Did I miss anything else?

I’ve only used the headset one time, as I don’t have any Vive gear, so at the moment it’s pretty much gathering dust.

I would like to know what is the pimax commitment to shipping the rest of the gear we backed for



Unfortunately no good updates yet

  1. Controllers & LHes last post aim Q3

  2. Headstrap (hard to believe) aim Q4

  3. Glasses insert? Anyone’s guess.

  4. Wireless Coupon? No info.

  5. EyeTracker apparently ready & demoed but no word on when release.

  6. 3 pieces of software? Got 1 coupon with headset in tracking email. No word on rest.

  7. Extra Face foam no info

  8. Hand Tracking modul ready; but only youtubers have them besides the 3. Apparently may ship when they have quanty???!?

Loribee if I recall right your an ED user? If so 3dof like the p4k works well.

There is also Driver4vr & KinectToVR if you have Xbox kinect, og Leap, Psmove and Wii motes(coming to KinectToVR)

Wow. That’s not really filling me with joy seeing that. Yes I do play ED, but I also enjoy doing other stuff too.

Come on pimax… please can you give us some hope!

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Controllers & LHes seems to be related to Valve’s non sense. Perhaps with Valve releasing tge Index we might see that moved up.

I never got the tracking email, what did the coupon give you?

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Will need to take a look to refresh my memory. Haven’t check it out yet. Think it required motiin controllers.

@Heliosurge. What nonsense is that? I must be out of the loop on stuff :grin:

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Valve’s LH v2.0 fiasco? Or not remember tge software title? Lol. (It wasn’t any big release)

I received a coupon code in steam for “The Dream Collector”


Looks like a nice game, I would have liked to get a coupon as well.

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It might be an idea to get @anon74848233 to confirm if this is the 1 of 3 pieces of software.

The Dream Collector