Ticket #15987 (#20165)

I’m writing here, because there are no answers on my mails or on Facebook.

My 5k+ is RMA since a month, and now no contact for more then a week… I’m little confused.

One ticket was closed by mistake so I opened the new one.

Can anybody help me to have my headset back or should I say goodbye to it? This is not like support should work. Do you have 2 persons for all around the world problems?

Please contact me.

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Hi Piotr,

Sorry for my late reply.

I guarantee that the replacement headset will be sent out for you today.

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,


The same issue here , also from PL

@Yata_PL That is my second RMA… if I need to make the third one… I will pass.

That’s great, thank you very much. But I haven’t received any notification from shipping company.

@gorzasty Have you recived email with tracking number already ?
I wonder what take them so long to send fixed or new hmd. Also waiting for my tracking infos about returning shipment but no luck so far…


No idea @Yata_PL. Terrible support.
Moreover their earlier information about shipping was a lie… Don’t have words for this.

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Could you please send ours replacement headsets to Poland and send us tracking infos?
You guarantee shipment couple days ago to Piotr and myself ( #20057)