This will make you Cringe ! Fixed scuffed lens


I thought you might enjoy seeing this. I am a happy owner of a Pimax 5k Plus and an 8KX. I have used my 5k plus for many months and I have to wear glasses. I noticed after while on my 5k plus that my glasses had rubbed on the Fresnel lens and scuffed them enough to be a problem. Having been around astrophotography and mirror grinding in my younger years I figured I could polish out the scuffs if I could find the right compound. In the old days we would finish up astronomical mirror figuring with a rouge compound. I looked around and found PolyWatch and thought I would give it a try. I tried using a Q-tip and was not happy with the results so I went with a slow RPM and polishing pad. The results came out very nicely. Now I will coat the lenses with silica dioxide for filling in any micro gaps and provide a little protection. My 8KX is doing well as it has a bit more room and I use a tight head strap for my glasses to keep them from touching.


Seems like your problem has been completely solved

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