This Topic again saddly yes and sry (GTX 1080Ti Vs RTX 2080 Ti) 5K+

I am in search of a more direct/clean reply. My current graphics card running OC.

best i can run
Pitool: render qualilty @ 2.0
SteamVr : Video SS @ 20%
SteamVr: Application (“Elite Dangerous”) SS @ 50%

I want the best VR experience possible and I’ve been eyeballing Dat tempting upgrade to a 2080TI. If you have upgraded and currently running a 2080 TI especially on ED or project cars 2, Is it worth the upgrade ? are you able to crank some values greater than what my OC 1080t is running?

Tx in advance


The 2080Ti is an upgrade, but not by as mush as you would hope, In my experience I would estimate around 25%, so if you are getting 50fps, the 2080ti would net you 62.5 fps at same settings…

What you do get is access to some features that are not available to the 10xx series cards… FFR for example… I still don’t think FFR is quite ready as yet however… Pimax is making great strides in the software side of things, so can expect it to get better etc…


Tx for the reply Simon fps aside maybe coupled with FFR does a 2080TI allow for improved runtime visual quality? I am one would not mind a potential slight dip in fps to gain in eye candy as i play ED more of flight space sim and have yet to bother with pve.

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You can run the SS a touch higher… Actually I have found that the HMD quality is more effective than the SS. My current system 8700k @ 5ghz, 2080ti @ + 130 runs elite with the following settings

Ultra everything, except volumetric and jet cones which are low, NO AA Bloom or Blur. SS @ 1 HMD at 1 Steam at 200%

In Space I get a solid 90FPS, it does touch the Smart Smoothing in a Haz res, but comes back to 90. Stations hit the smoothing a bit more. I find this very playable… I am more bounty hunting at the moment. I also have my galaxy background set to 4k textures and have performed the ‘haze’ removal which also increases fps a bit as well…

I should also mention that I am using my Vive Pro ( Lens Mod ) for Elite as the colours are just so much better, especially with the complete lack of god rays etc…

With these settings ED looks absolutely awesome…

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Hmm ok well this response is tempting me even more maybe worse case i Ebay my 1080TI this is the beasty i am gazing at.

it is a though decision for sure one that would make easy i could find that card a a local shop try it and return if my expectation are not met.

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As a fellow ED enthusiast just curious where can I get more info on these tweaks?

What cpu do you have?

Just keep in mind with pci-X 4.0 or the skip to 5.0 if you can hold off til Fall/winter may see new gpus.

Have a look on the ed forum under virtual reality, heaps of info :slight_smile:

Quite easy to do, there are step by step guides. The haze removal even has before and after pics etc…

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Threadripper 1950x oc to 4. 1

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Interesting but, that would be a greater pc upgrade as would involve mobo and gpu potentially no?

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Unfortunately yeah. but new Gpus should still have pci-x backward compatability.

But with you having a threadripper likely a costly upgrade. Did the newer threadripper series use a new socket?

Nope same str4 socket just bios support at least for the x399M Taichi am running. On that front I should be able to upgrade my CPU on the same board later on

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Awesome so Threadripper socket is like the Am4 supported for another year min?

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