This is ridiculous!

I’ve been trying to cancel my order for several weeks now with hardly any response. There’s no way to contact anyone at Pimax. I want my money refunded, I will get my bank involved if necessary. The order number is P124443 for what it’s worth. If anyone out there could help please do.

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@PimaxUSA @Mozi @anon74848233

If anyone of you fine Gentlemen can assist this customer in need. Just tagging you all.

PS @austen18 - Not sure what sort of situation has you wanting to cancel, just to let you know i can relate. long story short, things worked out and I did get my 5k+ and all I can say is I end up being extremely happy. It just got to a point where it was like well I did invest in the product already. Got to a boiling point for me because I could not get any answers on an actual delivery date. Anyhow, really hope everything works out for you. This group is a great group of hard workers they are handling high demands.

Cheers and Best wishes


Try the pimax usa support.

Just an FYI, this office function is service and support for existing Pimax headset owners. We can’t process refunds or ship headsets to backers etc. but we can take information and pass it on to the logistics team.

All of our inventory, parts and resources revolve around Pimax headset owners.


Awesome accomplishment Kevin in such a short time frame. Congrats! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

This will help get things organised & flowing smoothly.

Hi Kevin. As a Canadian KS backer with a 5K+ that has minor chipping in diagonally opposite corners I have been awaiting the USA center opening.
Has the weakness in the housing been solved?
Are you guys repairing or replacing the headsets with housing issues?
The reason I ask is that the panels my 5K+ have amazing blacks and would hate to lose them.


Do you already have a ticket number?


No I was waiting for you guys to open and also for Pimax to fix the problem

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Do you have an answer to my 2 questions?

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We had replied to your email.

I have no idea to what you refer. I never emailed anyone

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Sorry happened to receive an email from a Canadian backer exactly when you said that. Very few cracked housings actually reported (144), most of them not vulnerable to the weakness you refer. We aren’t repairing the housings at this location yet as we don’t have any extra ones.

I’ll put up a post here when we receive extra housings for repair purposes. (We do have replacement hmds, cables, foams, power supplies etc…)


Thank for the reply.

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New cables just arrived? Support sent out recently that NA was temporarily out of stock. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

I ordered on the Pimax website and I want to cancel my order with a refund. Order P124443.

Received some more but we went through them the first day. More on the way.


Ignored as always. Just absolute terrible service, truly a scam. I deserve to be able to cancel my order with a refund.

Hi again, just an fyi I am a consumer just as you are I do not work for PImax. I hope things can/will end up with a Happy and peaceful resolution. Trying to share to positive energy I received from the likes of @mozi i will tag Mozi many a times if need be. He may have gotten promoted for all the great communication work he did not long ago

@Mozi @Mozi @Mozi #Alert!

Austen if you are so inclined are you canceling because of poor communication or personal reasons? If personal definitely you owe no one an explanation actually even if it’s not. I just hope your post will Help the team understand why you are canceling should it be related directly to communication issues etc…

Again all I know Austen If the gang can get a communication bridge built for you if the cancellation is related you will be hopefully very pleased with the product. Thanks for bearing with me and no I am not trying to give you the run around. Just a happy customer trying to spread the luv.


PS what can help?
when did you order?
how long was the original ETA and the delay that’s gotten you to this point

Finally If you are interested to give the gang a second chance what is the information you need to keep you on a Happy customer track?

Anyhow tx for your time and try not to wack the messenger.

Have a good evening hope the team can get you back on the up and up.

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Also remember to reply to the support ticket, NOT the email. They ask you a question in an email but dont tell you to reply to the support ticket, wtf. Anyhow I finally got one of my cables, now just waiting for lenses.

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I have replied to the support ticket a few times. The reason I need to cancel is personal and in my opinion it shouldn’t be this much work. I appreciate your response, really hoping to get this resolved and get refunded.